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Bethenny Talks Body Image on 'Primetime'

Frankel opens up in ABC News special.

By Rachel Stein

Bethenny Frankel has a gift for making food and sex analogies. Last night on ABC's Primetime, the Bethenny Getting Married? star equated getting down with binging on French fries. "It's like sex with a hot guy," said B. "The first time it's amazing. After the 50th time, it's still fun, but it's not as good as it was the first time"

In the "Celebrity Weight Loss -- What Really Happens" special, celebs Ricki Lake and Kendra Wilkinson spoke about their struggles with dieting and body issues, while Bethenny -- who Primetime reporter Juju Chang called "the anti-girl-next-door" -- got real about her secrets to staying thin and losing a whopping 30 pounds of baby weight in three weeks.

"If you give birth and the next day go on some crazy diet, what will happen is that you'll lose five pounds then you'll gain 15 because you can't sustain that," said the star. "All that happened was I [had] given birth and kind of just existed and had always been healthy. But even during my pregnancy, I ate 500 more calories a day... If I wanted cake, I had cake."

Bethenny opened up about her difficult childhood, and how she struggled with her body image at early age. When she was only eight years old, her mother sent her to an obesity clinic. B reports that she was only ten pounds overweight at the time. "I grew up in a house where fat was sort of judged negatively," she said.

These days, B has beaten her unhealthy relationship with dieting, and shares her theories about overeating. "No one ever got fat on having one cookie. Someone got fat on having a cookie, beating themselves up about it, having a pint of ice cream, a piece of pizza and saying they will be good tomorrow. That's how America gets fat."

B also dispenses more wisdom, and hits the yoga mat, in the ABC News special.

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