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The Daily Dish Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Daisy Kelliher and Gary King Make a Shocking Confession About a Secret Hookup

Get details on the surprising revelation, as well as Colin MacRae’s reaction.

By Allison Crist

Daisy Kelliher and Gary King’s flirty will-they-or-won’t-they friendship just got even more complicated — as did the love triangle they’re in with Colin MacRae — because on Episode 10 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 (which aired June 12), the two revealed that they previously hooked up not once but twice. 

Daisy and Gary’s Shocking Conversation About Their Past Hookups

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The revelation about Daisy and Gary’s past rendezvous came during a heated exchange about their feelings for each other, as well as Daisy’s for Colin, and Gary’s for junior stew Mads Herrera

Gary King and Daisy Kelliher film Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Gary's Situationship with Mads

“I know deep down you like me,” Gary told Daisy. “So I think we need to be together. But clearly that’s not gonna happen now.”

Daisy, however, was quick to point out that Gary was the one who “hooked up with Mads on the first night.”

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“You have shown me your behavior. You’ve shown me what I mean to you,” she added, also noting in a confessional interview, “The pattern of what he says is so f-cking ridiculous. I don’t wanna be just another one of his 10 million girlfriends. Guy wouldn’t know a real connection if it slapped him in the face.”

Daisy’s Situationship with Colin

The way Gary sees it, Daisy “like[s] Colin as a mate,” whereas she “actually [has] feelings” for him. 

“I know you like me,” Gary added, “and you know I like you… You’re hooking up with Colin to get back at me. Spitefully hooking up. That’s how I feel.”

Colin MacRae and Daisy Kelliher on a road trip

Daisy insisted that wasn’t the case, though. As for the real reason she’s pursuing Colin instead of Gary, she explained, “I don’t want to be with you because you want to be with everybody else. You f-cking could’ve had me a million times over and you didn’t want me. Now that you can’t have me, now you f-cking want me. I’m not playing into this f-cking bullsh-t game.”

Daisy and Gary’s Big Confession

The pair began to reflect on the time they’ve spent together outside of filming Below Deck Sailing Yacht, and Gary eventually dropped the bombshell about their hookups, telling Daisy, “Having sex with you was f-cking amazing.”

Cut to a smiling Daisy in a confessional. “F-ck my f-cking life,” she said before sharing the details of her and Gary’s hookups. “Gary and I slept together when the season ended last year in Minorca and we also slept together when we went to Disneyland.”

“After that, he still did his typical Gary thing [and] went from female to female,” she continued. “He never tried to make it anything more. And I just wanted this thing to be between me and Gary — private. Such a mess.”

image of Gary King and Daisy Kelliher

Back in the conversation with Gary, he asks Daisy if there’s a chance that anything could happen between them. 

Her response? “We have to move f-cking on. You’re with Mads, I’m with Colin. I really like Colin. I feel a lot for him, just like I feel a lot for you. I don’t know what to tell you.”

Colin’s Reaction to Daisy and Gary’s Past Hookups

Episode 10 ended with Daisy telling Colin the truth about her and Gary, and their emotional conversation carried over to Episode 11, which also aired on June 12. 

“With Gary, it’s something very, very complicated. We have slept together,” Daisy said, prompting a surprised Colin to respond, “You guys have slept together?”

After hearing more details about the hookups, he added, “[I’m] just a little confused, just because I was led to believe there was nothing going on between you two.”

Daisy, however, revealed that she had asked Gary “not to tell anyone, and he respected that.” 

Daisy Kelliher Reveals Why She Unfollowed Colin MacRae

“I just feel f-cking stupid,” Colin said, also noting in a confessional, “The chemistry that they have, the way they look at each other, I thought it was all friend[ly], but it all makes sense now. It’s just blowing my mind.”

Colin was less angry by the end of Episode 11, but he was still unsure about whether he wanted to continue seeing Daisy. As he put it, “My heart’s telling me, ‘Live in the moment and enjoy what you and Daisy have,’ but my brain’s telling me, ‘Stay out of it. It’s got trouble written all over it.’”

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