Do You Have What It Takes to be Sonja Morgan's Intern?

Do You Have What It Takes to be Sonja Morgan's Intern?

The entrepreneur talks about her stringent interview process.

By Sarv Kreindler

From toaster ovens to a new fashion line, Sonja Morgan has long been putting her education and business acumen to good use with a constant variety of ventures. And as anyone who watches Real Housewives of New York City knows, she couldn't do it without her interns.

"I’ve had interns for 25 years. They reach out to me," she tells SPLASH.

So what does it take to make the cut as one of Sonja's legions? "[They’re students who have a] 3.9, 4.0, and they’re majoring in production at Tisch School at NYU," she says of her current crop of eager, young students.

Another quality she looks for is people with lots of outside interests and extracurricular activities. "They’re serious," she says. "It’s on the resume—they do charity, they’ve had other jobs, other internships, did a semester in Florence or a semester in China. They’re hopefully not going to be all gaga about me."

And Sonja prides herself on her ability to spot talent when she sees it. "I’ve been putting teams together for a very long time," she says. "I’m very astute in the interview process and can do most of it with the resume."

[Source: SPLASH]

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