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Jeff Lewis on Gage Edward's Instagram Post About Their Split: "Should I Be Offended?"

The Flipping Out designer reads the text he sent to his ex about the controversial post.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Here Are the Highs and Lows of Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward's Relationship

Jeff Lewis has a lot of questions about ex Gage Edward's recent Instagram post.

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In an Instagram post published on January 31, Gage appeared to commemorate one year since he and Jeff decided to break up. He posted a black-and-white photo of himself, along with the caption, "Because it’s been 1-year." The caption also included a flexed biceps emoji.

Given the timing of the post, Jeff said he had "a lot of question marks" about it during his Radio Andy show Jeff Lewis Live on Monday, February 3. "What does this mean?" he said.

Jeff's initial thoughts on the post were courtesy of his "inner child," who he refers to as Jeffrey. "Jeffrey thought that this was a very victim, attention, ‘Oh I escaped the f--king abuse and I was a battered housewife' — or whatever, I don’t know what that’s implying," he said. "But Jeffrey gets very defensive and goes to the place where it’s the worst case scenario."

But the Flipping Out designer then looked at it again through Jeff's eyes. “Jeff thought, ‘Maybe I’m going to reframe here and it’s not what Jeffrey thinks," he said. “Jeff thought, ‘No, maybe, you’re independent and you’ve been on your own and you haven’t really ever done that and that’s good and you’re feeling good and strong.'”

Instead of just guessing at Gage's intentions, Jeff went to the source and asked his former partner via text what he meant by the post. “I said: ‘Your latest Instagram post — what does that mean? Should I be offended?'” Jeff recalled. “He said, ‘That’s a weird question. Do you find it offensive?’ I said, ‘I choose to look at it like you are single and independent and succeeding, not a battered housewife who escaped.’ He said, ‘Why would a battered housewife who escaped cross your mind?’ I said, ‘You can take it two ways, and some have misinterpreted the post depending on the message behind it.’”

Gage then admitted that there could be "some subjectivity" when it comes to interpreting his message, according to Jeff. "I said, 'Yes, there is. It's confusing,'" Jeff replied. "And he wrote, 'Probably better things to do than read into an IG post.' And then I was done."

Jeff said he is going to give Gage the benefit of the doubt in this situation. "I don't know what it meant, but I choose to believe it's a positive message that you too can prevail, survive," he said.

But this might not truly be the last we hear of it. "Well, if you know me, I don't have better things to do," Jeff said. "I've got nothing else to do but obsess."

Jeff and Gage announced their separation in January 2019 after 10 years together. The former Flipping Out couple has since experienced ups and downs in co-parenting their 3-year-old daughter, Monroe. Jeff's latest comments on working toward a permanent custody arrangement caused Gage to send his ex a cease and desist letter.

“I will continue to stay silent on the issues related to our private custody case. To address the derogatory and slanderous statements being made about me would be putting my interest above our daughter’s. The situation is being exploited for attention, which is sad because that ultimately only affects our daughter later," Gage said in a statement to PEOPLE at the time. "What I will say is that there are gross mistruths in the majority of what’s been said.”

Jeff began a new relationship with Scott Anderson last spring. In December, Jeff hinted that marriage could be in their future

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