James Lipton's Oscar Review

James Lipton's Oscar Review

James tells us what he thought of Seth MacFarlane's crude sing-a-long, who he wants for 'IAS' and who got snubbed.

By Kim Moreau


Surely you have your own armchair review of how last night's Oscars went (which probably depends on how you feel about musicals, James Bond, and boob jokes), but we decided to call into the professional James Lipton to see how Seth MacFarlane and the Academy did.

James watched the evening from his own abode in the company of some rather surprising guests -- AOL, who hosted his liveblog of the event and several other guests, including Ken and Pat Taylor. Who are Ken and Pat Taylor? Oh, just the Canadian ambassadors whose actions were rather dramatically portrayed in Ben Affleck's Best Picture-winning film Argo.

Jim has been friends with the couple for years, and while Ben took some liberties with their story (the runway chase for one), he definitely thinks their heroics are cinema-worthy, "They're among the few heroes I know on Earth who could have been killed for what they did on behalf of the United States of America. I think that's pretty damn good, don't you?"

Pretty damn good indeed. Though that might explain why Jim was partial to Ben's speech.

"Ben Affleck's speech was so from the heart, from the marrow of his bones. It was without rancor, despite the fact that he'd been ignored, stupidly, in the directing category," Jim mused. "But he had not a moment of revenge, but a moment of fulfillment, despite the fact that they had been so silly about him. His speech was I thought, out of control. It was barely coherent, it was emotional, obviously, and I found it very touching."

As far as the evening's more musical undertones, James was a big fan. "I thought it was very lively. I loved Seth, I thought he did an excellent job." Even the boob song? "Having so many people in the audience to react to -- that made it a perfect number. It's a bit crude, but not that crude. It got worse later, as he promised it would."

But just how much crudeness can James Lipton take? "I'll leave it to the people that tuned in to decide for themselves what was the crudest. I mean, crudeness is in the eye -- and the ear of the beholder. One's man's crude is another man's delightful."

James highlight's included watching Les Misérables' live performance as well as another moving speech -- Daniel Day Lewis'Best Actor acceptance for Lincoln. While Lewis took home the Oscar for his role as the revered president ("Daniel Day-Lewis got his credit because it was just unavoidable: the man walks in front of the camera and a miracle occurs."), Jim was shocked the film was locked out most elsewhere.

Not shocking to James, Jennifer Lawerence's win for Silver Lining's Playbook. Jim's so confident in her and young Beasts of the Southern Wild star Quvenzhané Wallis' abilities, he's waiting for them to age up and make it to the studio.

Want to see more of Jim pontificating with Oscar-worthy folks? Watch our playlist of him chatting with this year's nominees.

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