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Captain Lee Rosbach Comments on Kate Chastain's "Out of Character" Behavior in the Crew Mess

"Things cannot continue down this path," the Below Deck boss said.

By Laura Rosenfeld

The Below Deck crew is divided more than ever before, and it's up to Captain Lee Rosbach to put it all back together again.

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Captain Lee opened up about the fractured state of his crew in his latest blog about the December 9 episode of Below Deck on his website. "Wow, is about all I can say at this point. The further we go into this season the worse it gets," he wrote. "This crew is not functioning as a team and it falls on me. I need to figure out a way to get [through] the next few charters with the crew working together not pulling each other apart."

The Below Deck boss then shared what he believes to be the root of the problem. "No one seems to be willing to set personalities aside and just do what you are paid to do. There are crew I don’t like, but I’m not running to anyone or going behind someone’s back to destroy them," he said. "This is insane what they do to each other. So cliquish. They have divided into groups all against one another with no regard for the boat or the guests save for a few."

Captain Lee then dove a little deeper into a particularly divisive incident with the crew in the episode, when Kate Chastain started tossing laundry around the crew mess after a disagreement with Brian de Saint Pern over the use of the word "yachtie" ended in him saying that she was acting like "kind of a bitch" (more on that in the Below Deck Season 7 After Show, above).

"Kate, you are having a rough week. I know It can be tough when you are getting attacked from all sides. I don’t think throwing the clothes on the floor of the crew mess accomplished much at all, and was out of character for you, but I can understand an act of frustration," Captain Lee reacted to the moment. "I certainly hope that things get better or I will step in and make some moves to correct it. Things cannot continue down this path, its not good for anyone."

As for Brian's comment toward Kate, Captain Lee said that it "was uncalled for," and he thought that the deckhand was "acting oversensitive about it."

Captain Lee ended his blog post by elaborating on his previous explanation as to why he did not say anything while all the drama went down in the crew mess. "After years of having bars and restaurants, I learned that you can’t reason with drunk people at all. Just not going to happen. So instead of listening to drunk people all yelling at each other and getting nothing said of any importance, and no one listening to anyone I felt it best that we let it go until [they] all had a chance to sober up and reflect on their behavior and have a go at it in the morning," Captain Lee wrote. "Now they may not feel better, but they will be sober and trust me they will listen. We have come too far this season to have it all come apart now when the finish line isn’t that far off. So, I will plan for the worst, and hope for the best."

Luckily, it looks like the crew is working toward reconciliation. Brian apologized to Kate for his "poor choice of words" on Twitter on December 9. "Still love her [to] bits!" he tweeted.

Captain Lee will have his work cut out for him in uniting the crew in an all-new episode of Below Deck December 16 at 9/8c. Watch a preview below, and catch up on the season through the NBC app.

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