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Kristen Doute Shuts Down “Liar” Jo Wenberg's Claims About Moving in With Schwartz: "Bananas"

The Valley cast member said the timeline of Jo Wenberg's story was "bullsh-t."

By Shannon Raphael

During Part 2 of the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 reunion, Tom Schwartz's ex-situationship, Jo Wenberg, popped by to explain how she ended up living with the Schwartz & Sandy's co-owner amid his divorce from Katie Maloney.

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Her comments confused Katie and a few of the other former SURvers, and they also perplexed her former close pal, Kristen Doute.

The Valley cast member sounded off on what Jo said during a recent episode of her podcast, Balancing Act with Kristen Doute and Luke Broderick.

What Jo Wenberg said about moving in with Schwartz on the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 reunion

"I was in between my house and my apartment," Jo shared on Part 2 of the reunion about why she stayed with Schwartz, who she only saw a few times a year, instead of anyone else. "And he was nice enough to let me couch surf in his spare bedroom. And I brought my backpack, and I brought my dog, and I stayed there for four days, and moved into my apartment." 

She clarified that she didn't live with the Vanderpump Rules cast member for more than just a few days.

"I didn't move in. So, it was during COVID... I remember there were multiple friends of mine that actually did have COVID..." Jo explained, and Katie wondered why Jo didn't ask Kristen for a place to say since she lived "around the corner" from her. 

"She was very surprised that you didn't hit her up," Katie said, and Schwartz claimed that The Valley cast member "had a very chaotic living situation going on" at the time. 

A split of Jo Wenberg and Kristen Doute.

Kristen Doute reacts to Jo Wenberg's comments about her living situation

Like Katie, Kristen wasn't buying what Jo was saying on the reunion stage, or what she said during a recent podcast appearance. 

"The timeline's bulsh-t," Kristen said on her podcast. "Also, in the reunion, Jo was like, 'It was during COVID.' No, it wasn't during COVID... Also, God bless my prettiest, pettiest friend, Zack Wickham, for sending me, amongst other people, sending me this video of Jo doing this podcast, I believe, and it's this shortened version where she's now saying that I am the one who told her she should go stay with Schwartz because I had COVID simultaneously while going to a wedding. What in the bananas of all hell is she f-cking talking about?"

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"Well, the way she said it too was like you gave her permission to stay with Schwartz," Kristen's boyfriend, Luke Broderick, added. "Like, she didn't have to ask him."

Kristen details the timeline of Jo Wenberg moving in with Tom Schwartz

While referencing a text message exchange she had with Jo in June of 2022, Kristen said that she reached out to Jo asking her if she had COVID. The two kept in touch for about a week, but then they stopped talking in mid-June. 

"Cut to July 20, 2022. This is now three weeks after she had COVID. I had had it right around there," Kristen continued. "July 20, 2022, I said, 'Wait, wait, you live with Tom? I'm so confused, LOL...'"

Kristen said that, at the time, Katie had called her because she had seen a toothbrush and other items she thought were "girl things" around Schwartz's apartment

"[Jo] said, 'No, I don't live with Tom. I'm staying there on-and-off until Friday for space until my apartment is ready,'" Kristen said. "I said, 'Why didn't you tell me?'"

Kristen noted that she wasn't in a "chaotic" living situation at the time, either, as she had moved into her apartment already (which is down the hall from the apartment she currently resides in with Luke). 

Ultimately, it appears as if there are two very different stories on how exactly Schwartz and Jo became temporary roommates.

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