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RHONY Blog Recap: Oh What Fun It Is to Fight ...

The Real Housewives seem to be heading towards a breaking point.

By Mike Hess

Real Housewives of New York City

The holidays are supposed to be about joy, family and friendship ... apparently except if you're on Real Housewives of New York City. Despite putting on their best party dresses and faces for LuAnn de Lesseps' big party, the RHONY ladies are still at each others' throats -- and forecasting things to come, let's just say it's all building up to a major Manhattan-sized meltdown.

So what's everyone saying about this week's episode? Check out some choice quotes from each Wife's blog, and you can jump on over to read each one in full. We're particularly smitten with Carole Radziwill's prose this week -- that girl sure brings the funny.

What Are the Words to Jingle Bells?

Aviva Says: As anyone who watches the show knows, I'm not always successful in putting on a perfectly happy face when the subject of Harry comes up -- sometimes I come off more a deer in headlights than happy. To date, I have done everything in my power to shield my family from any negativity he has caused. I suck it up, not for my own image, but for my child. I'm not asking anyone to feel sorry for me. Usually, I'm the opposite of the martyr type. For my children, however, I'd throw myself under a bus. Compared to that, making nice with Harry is no big deal. READ HER FULL POST

Heather Says: I want to help Sonja, but she is really making it challenging and now throwing in the Ramona curveball. She's almost sabotaging herself throwing her good Samaritan team off track. This meeting was meant to be a creative brainstorm with Sonja. I asked Gian Andre, the photographer I felt best suited to shoot her campaign, to join us and to meet her and we all really wanted to start to pump out the vision for the creative in this meeting. We had so much to discuss and to pick Sonja's brain about but as you saw, the meeting went nowhere. READ HER FULL POST

Sonja Says: I do prefer to work as a team, so I don't mind brainstorming and I was going to roll with this. But I definitely needed a Ramona monster at my side to get their attention! She has known me a long time. At the same time I am going to be open to what Heather has to say because she is an expert with tons of experience. I just wanted to shoot without the guy in case my buyer didn't go for it. Better safe then sorry. I always get a ton of pictures out of a day long shoot. So why not try different campaigns? READ HER FULL POST

LuAnn Says: It was very inappropriate for Sonja to share her feelings about my relationship with Jacques at a party in front of the women. Sonja's outburst at Jacques wasn't about Jacques, it was about her and the pain she stills feels over her marriage. She got pretty worked up, but Jacques, always a gentleman, listened to Sonja politely even if he completely disagrees. READ HER FULL POST

All In or Get Out

Carole Says: This sounds like the title of a Nancy Drew mystery. I've decided I want a husband. I want a husband to fight my battles. I'm on Team Mario.

Things got a little uncomfortable at dinner and when that happens, Housewife Rule #28 comes into play: Go to the bathroom. We do it all the time but you usually miss them. You've missed a lot of bathrooms. READ HER FULL POST
Things Heat Up in New York
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