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The Daily Dish Southern Charm

Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose's Relationship From Dating to Break-Up and Beyond

The couple were together for two years before their breakup and the Season 9 scandal in their friend group.

By Sophie Vilensky

When it comes to commitment, Shep Rose definitely has his thorn. So, when Season 7 of Southern Charm premiered in October 2020, fans were surprised to see that the longtime bachelor was off the market — and they were quick to fall in love with his girlfriend, Taylor Ann Green.

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During Episode 1 of Season 7, Craig Conover told Kathryn Dennis that Shep's relationship with Taylor (as well as his new therapist) had made him an "exponentially better" person.

"Taylor is the reason I'm letting Shep back in my life," the Sewing Down South owner said in a confessional interview. "He's happy when he's with Taylor and he's not a miserable, lonely piece of sh-t."

But things didn't work out between the two, and the fallout from their relationship (and what they did afterwards) wrought mayhem among their friends in Season 9.

Look back at Shep and Taylor's relationship, from their early passion for one another to his cheating scandals and everything in between.

When did Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose began dating?

After laying low for a a couple of months, the pair officially revealed their relationship via Instagram in May 2020.

During Season 7, Episode 1 — which first aired in October 2020 — Shep told the story of how they met.

"I was on Sullivan's Island and there were two girls at [the bar] Home Team's. I was like, 'Who the hell is that?'" he explained. "Taylor lied and told me she was a marine biologist and her specialty was shark sex. And then I sort of grilled her, because I sort of know about shark sex."

"And then we started seeing each other a little bit. And then it became more. And then it became more. And now she's in my house five nights a week," he added. "I'm sort of finding my feet with Taylor, because I've been so single-minded — and single — for so long that it's hard to change. But she's making it very easy to change, which is kind of the whole point."

Shep Rose and Taylor Have "The Talk"

When did Taylor Ann Green joined Southern Charm as a friend?

Taylor and Shep's relationship was first seen during Season 7 of Southern Charm. , after she joined the cast as a friend.

In Episode 1, the North Carolina native was mentioned during a visit to Patricia Altschul's house, where Shep invited Charleston's Grand Dame to an upcoming party.

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"You'll get to meet Taylor. My girlfriend," Shep drawled, to which Patricia replied she'd "heard she was very nice."

Is Shep Rose Up to His Old Tricks?

Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose quarantined together during the COVID-19 pandemic

Shep Rose on Monogamy with Taylor Ann Green

“Honestly, we were like a married couple two or three months into our relationship," the commitment-averse Shep shared during a November 2020 appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. "That was a change, and I was kind of nervous about it. And I must say, domesticity isn’t all that bad, and maybe I was being scared of it for no reason at all.”  

The businessman also took time to gush about his girlfriend's many wonderful traits.

“Yeah, she’s a really kind person. And everybody loves her," he said. "Arguably, my friends like her more than me. I just love seeing her sort of navigate all of my friends because she wins everyone over immediately, and that’s a really cool quality.” 

Did Shep Rose cheat on Taylor Ann Green when they were a couple?

The two-part Southern Charm Season 7 reunion was broadcast in late January and early February 2021. During the reunion, Shep confessed he'd cheated on Taylor.

"There was some text messages. It was an old flame. And I kissed a girl in a stairwell," he said after host Andy Cohen asked if he'd been faithful. "It was a moment of weakness. I was drinking. But that’s all it was, and I’ll go to my grave knowing that that’s true."

Naturally, the cast came to Taylor's defense.

"I would break up with you," Craig said.

Has Shep Rose Been Faithful to His Girlfriend?


When did Taylor Ann Green officially become a cast member on Southern Charm?

Despite the cheating bombshell at the Season 7 reunion, Taylor and Shep were still together when Season 8 filmed — and she became an official cast member that season.

The filming commenced around the time of their two-year anniversary.

"It's definitely the longest relationship I've ever had," Shep said in Episode 1. "I think Taylor wants to get married and have kids someday, but she's not overly anxious to go down that road. So everything is good, we really have fun together with no structural obligations."

Daily Dish Southern Charm Taylor Ann Green Shep Rose Reunite

Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose discussed starting a family

Taylor Ann Green Isn’t Sure Shep Rose Is “a Safe Bet”

During Season 8 Episode 4, Taylor and Shep had to reckon with the possibility of her being pregnant.

"If I was pregnant, I would want the rightful steps to be taken, which would be marriage," Taylor said in a confessional interview. "But I don't know how much he would, like, step up to the bat."

While Shep assured Taylor that, despite his stated proclivity for doing the exact opposite of what he's told to do, he wants to be with her her, she asked what would happen in the future if she wanted something else — for instance, a family.

"Cross that bridge when we come to it," he said.

Shep Rose didn't want to delete his dating profile while dating Taylor Ann Green

Austen Kroll Says Shep Rose "Knows He Can Get Away With Murder" When It Comes to Taylor Ann Green

During Season 8 Episode 12, Craig brought up that someone had seen Shep's dating profile on the website Raya, and that his status was set to "active."

"I'll just tell you: Someone just posted your Raya profile onto a gossip site on the internet," Craig said. "Your location on Raya registers where the last time you downloaded it was so this is getting blasted all over the internet right now, saying that when you were in Bermuda you downloaded Raya and you're a bad guy."

When Craig suggested his friend delete the profile, Shep initially refused. After some pressure, he gave in — sort of.

"I'll work on that tomorrow," he said.

In the following episode, the conversation continued — this time between Shep and Taylor. Once again, he denied he'd been up to something nefarious. Taylor noted she believed him.

Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green went on an international vacation together

Shep Rose and Taylor Green standing together at a soccer stadium in Milan Italy.

In Spring 2022, the couple vacationed far, far from Charleston, stopping in Dubai, Italy, and France.

Throughout the trip, they posted their "adventures and misadventures" on Instagram, from football matches in Milan to fancy dinners in Nice.

When did Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose break up?

Taylor confirmed she and Shep had split up during an August 2022 WWHL appearance.

"We are not together," she told Andy, adding that she thought Shep's fear of marriage had to do with him not wanting to be the first person in his family to get divorced.

Her WWHL appearance aired after Season 8, Episode 8, in which Shep opened up about his fear of commitment around the same time his dog, Lil Craig, got married.

"I don't want to get married ‘cause I don't want to get a divorce. I don't want to be a failure in marriage," Shep said in the episode, adding in a confessional interview that "I come from a family where literally there's zero divorce, so the bar is high. If you fail at marriage, you failed at something. That's not something anybody wants to say they did."

Taylor Ann Green Opens Up About Her Status With Shep Rose

The Southern Charm Season 8 reunion aired in October 2022 

Taylor Ann Green to Shep Rose: "You Used Me"

Following WWHL, the Season 8 reunion brought plenty of relationship drama to light, with Taylor stating Shep "used" her.

"You f-cked another person in Texas, Shep, like multiple women in Texas," alleged a tearful Taylor during the show, claiming the hookup happened shortly after their breakup. 

While Andy noted that Shep was single at the time, Taylor held her ground.

"He's f-cked allegedly over 300 whores," she said. "Like, I was the whore that stuck around for long enough."

As for why she cared what he was up to post-breakup, the dental assistant admitted she still had feelings for her ex.

"Because I f-cking love him," she said.

Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green shared updates at BravoCon 2022

Daily Dish Southern Charm Ig Shep Rose Wedding

"Everybody copes differently," Shep said during the "Bravo 2 Bravo" panel at the October 2022 event. "But we are starting to get to a nice place. Hopefully. But it's been very hard, personally."

At the time, rumors first had begun to swirl that Taylor and Austen were dating.

“This is the last panel of the weekend, so we’ve been waiting and waiting to tell you all,” Austen joked at the time. “We are madly in love and we’re together.”

Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose tried to be friends

Taylor Ann Green at the Southern Charm season 8 Reunion.

In February 2023, the former lovers and current co-workers were spotted together, hanging out with friends.

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"We came. We plunged. We don’t regret it," Taylor captioned a photo from the night.

The couple's continuing connection took up plenty of screen time in Season 9, which was filmed in early 2023.

In Episode 4, she invited her ex to a party she was throwing at Republic. In Episode 9, they went for a nice walk on the beach.

“Some people would say it’s unfair what I want, which is to have a nice relationship with Taylor, not romantic. But I’m inexperienced with this territory. This is uncharted waters,” Shep shared in a confessional during the episode.

He shared the same sentiment with his former girlfriend, who noted she was still “learning to navigate” their friendship. “I do like seeing you. It makes me happy. And because we know each other so well, I think there’s value in that,” Shep added.

Still, it wasn’t easy. During Episode 15, Shep shared that he couldn’t have a platonic relationship with Taylor after all.

"I might not, at this point in time, be able to have a relationship with Taylor,” he said in the episode. “It’s just not working.”

Taylor Ann Green hooked up with Shep Rose's friend Austen Kroll

Taylor smiling in front of the WWHL step and repeat.

In the trailer for Season 9 of Southern Charmthe cast discussed the rumor that Taylor and Austen Kroll had a fling.

Though Taylor “denie[d] the allegations,” Austen admitted in the sneak peek that “something happened with [him] and Taylor.” 

It was eventually confirmed that the two had kissed, fracturing many of their mutual friendships.

Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green talked regrets during the Season 9 reunion

Shep Rose Reveals Where His Relationship with Taylor Ann Green Would Stand Without Cameras

During Part 1 of the dramatic Season 9 reunion, Shep said that his life would probably look a lot different had a film crew not been following his relationship.

“[If it weren’t for the cameras] we’d probably be married,” said Shep. “I’d be a different person. I’d be like, ‘I met someone I really care about and this would be it.’”

While Taylor agreed, she still doesn’t know if it’s possible for Shep to appreciate domesticity.

“I agree with you Shep, I just don’t know if it’s in your cards,” she added. 

Shep said Taylor was “the one that got away” 

During Part 2 of the Season 9 reunion, Andy finally asked the big question: “Are you still in love with each other?”

While Taylor said no, Shep’s answer was a bit more complicated.

“I would be lying if I said I didn’t recently say I made a mistake, and I’m scared to look back and say [she’s] the one that got away, so, I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t the case,” he shared.

Shep Rose met Taylor Ann Green’s new boyfriend at BravoCon 2023

A split of Taylor Ann Green and Gaston Rojas smiling and posing together.

While attending BravoCon in November 2023, Shep was introduced to Taylor’s new boyfriend, Gaston Rojas

“I said ‘I wish you all the best and she’s awesome and good for you,” Shep shared during Part 1 of the Season 9 reunion.

Originally published Sep 6, 2023.

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