The Countess Calls Out Kim Kardashian, Bow Wow for 'Illegal' Tweets

The Countess Calls Out Kim Kardashian, Bow Wow for 'Illegal' Tweets

Controversial posts are "a public safety issue," says Luann.

By Lauren Metz

Fasten your tweetbelt. Luann de Lesseps is laying down the Twitter law.

In her weekly column for OK! Magazine, The Real Housewives of New York City star addressed the issues of Kim Kardashian tweeting the identity of an air marshal and Bow Wow bragging on the social networking site about being tipsy yet still driving. Were those Twitter posts a bad idea? Paging Captain Obvious.

"Kim Kardashian and Bow Wow were both breaking the law when they posted these tweets," the 'Wife says. "Also, they were endangering others; Kim by exposing the presence of an air marshal who is traveling incognito to protect the plane's passengers and Bow Wow by driving under the influence and tweeting while driving."

Although she's an expert in manners, the Countess admits this sticky situation is beyond her reach. "This isn't an etiquette issue but a public safety issue," Luann says. So what's a confused celebrity armed with a Twitter account to do? "I think a good guideline for celebs to follow is first do no harm, then consider if the tweet is in good taste," suggests Luann.

Is Luann right? Start a Tweet Battle, and make your case.

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