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The Daily Dish Untying the Knot

Vikki Ziegler Weighs In on Rumored Jay Z-Beyonce Split

The 'Untying the Knot' star says it could be one of the biggest celebrity divorces ever.

By Jocelyn Vena

If the rumors are true, then Beyonce and Jay Z might soon be on their way to Untying the Knot. And if that's the case, Bravo's resident divorce attorney Vikki Ziegler has some advice on how two celebrities of their stature might go about a split.

"If the reports are true they're going to divorce, they are probably working behind the scenes to figure out the timing of the announcement and how they'll divide their business entities," she told The Wrap about just might be happening within their camps.

According to the gossip, Beyonce and Jay Z will wrap up their On The Run tour with two shows in Paris this September, after which time gossip mongers say they'll announce their split. And Vicki says that if the couple has a pre-nup "that would be a huge factor. If they kept everything separate and discussed how they will be separately paid from their joint business ventures, such as the present tour, or if they've put everything into a marital pot for the last six years of marriage."

She calls the rumored split "one of the biggest divorces in celebrity history" taking into account the couple's estimated worth of about $1 billion dollars. Additionally, they have a two-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy.

She explained, "In New York, which is not like other states, joint custody is not preferred if the parties can't co-parent. The court usually awards custody to the better, more fit parent."

She added, "From what I can tell, this baby has a great lifestyle, vacations, wardrobe, nannies, those are all factors that will govern the amount of child support. And that can be hefty. It could be $50-$100,000 a month. And that's nontaxable."

Given all those factors, there is still another one that can determine the outcome of the divorce: emotion.

"You never know when someone is angry," she said. "So, say Jay Z did cheat on several occasions and Beyonce is angry. People do things that that they normally wouldn't do. They could be fighting over jewelry, cars and boats, something so insignificant as a yacht they can go purchase on their own. They may not want to let it go. People fight over crazy things when they're angry."

While she admits she doesn't know them personally, she's had experience dealing with high-profile splits. "Celebrity breakups are on such a different level," she said. "I think statistics show that 80 percent of celebrities divorce. I'm not shocked at the news of a divorce, because of my business."

She added that "it's certainly in their very best interest to strike a deal behind closed doors, because this can negatively affect them in so many ways. Even though they're so wealthy, your reputation is everything. You're born with it and you die with it. You always want to try to preserve it. Some people never come back once they've been scrutinized in the media."

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[Source: The Wrap]

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