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*SPOILER* Is Crowned the Ballroom Champion in Dancing Queens Season Finale

It was "girl code" drama and surprise guests as the Dancing Queens cast members battled it out at the Millennium Championship. 

By Jax Miller
The Dancing Queens Head to Dallas for Their Final Latin Dance Competition

It’s been a foot-tapping season for the women of Dancing Queens, but as fans knew, only one woman could come out on top.

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In the show’s season finale, each dancer put everything on the line at the Millennium DanceSports Championships in Dallas, Texas, which Leonie Biggs called “the Super Bowl of ballroom dancing.”

Donie Burch hoped to win the ability to feel comfortable in her own skin, while Sabrina Strasser seemed at odds with her husband, who was less than thrilled with how much time she spent away from home. Meanwhile, Pooja Mehta hoped to find as much success in the Latin category as she had in rhythm, while her partner-dumped nemesisColette Marotto, sought victory with her relatively new partner.

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Thankfully, no one was stabbed in the eye with a high heel, but only one Dancing Queens cast member was crowned the winner.

Who Won the Millennium Competition on Dancing Queens?

It was Sabrina Strasser for the win!

In Episode 1x08, Sabrina and her pro partner, Stanislav “Stas” Kochergin, wiped the floor in the finals, beating first runner-up Gaëlle Benchetrit and second runner-up Leonie.

Colette and her new partner, Alex, made the last rounds and placed sixth, while Donie and Pooja were eliminated before the finals.

Dancing partners Sabrina Strasser and Stanislav Kochergin

“I feel like as a wife, as a mother, that it’s OK to do things for yourself,” Sabrina said after the win. “I can have it all. This is mine, mine, mine.”

Sabrina’s win was all the more victorious since Sabrina’s husband, Ronnie Strasser, surprised her by showing up to the competition.   

“I think Ronnie realizes I dance to live; this is my happiness,” said Sabrina. “He loves me for who I am.”

Sabrina showed up to dance in the Latin category, wearing ultra-bright (and ultra-revealing) neon orange dancewear. Gaëlle seemed to enjoy intimidating her competition, telling Leonie that Sabrina’s dress was “not classy.”

“Stas took it upon himself to design my dress for this comp because nobody knows my body better than Stas,” Sabrina laughed to Dancing Queens. “Well, except for Ronnie.”

Fellow dancers had much to say about how Sabrina conducted herself on the dance floor, often huffing and puffing through her routines.

Dancing Queens Season 1 Cast at Premiere Event

“Sabrina’s dance style is like a porno,” said Leonie. “’Cause prolonged eye contact can only mean you’re either gonna fight or f-ck.”

Donie echoed Leonie’s statements, saying, “I can’t even bring myself to give you an impression of her on the dance floor ‘cause it’s so feral.”

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But clearly, Sabrina did something right to win the Millennium Championships.

Sabrina and Leonie’s “Girl Code” Drama Before the Competition

Image of Kostiantyn Samarskyi and Leonie Biggs

Sabrina and Leonie had some real drama in the hours leading to the Millennium competition. Both met in Leonie’s hotel room, where Sabrina voiced displeasure that Leonie surprisingly showed up to the previous Tri-State DanceSport Championships without saying so.

“I do want to call out the fact that last comp, I was a bit taken aback because I didn’t know you were coming,” said Sabrina. “I don’t know if it was manipulative, but I took it that way.”

Sabrina viewed Leonie’s decision as a violation of “girl code.”

“My interpretation of girl code is that [it] relates to the rules of dating,” Leonie responded. “Quite simply, you don’t pursue, and you don’t f-ck your friends’ significant other, boyfriend, ex-husband, or someone that they might be digging.”

Therefore, no girl code had been broken, at least by Leonie's standards.

Sabrina noted “cold air” came with Leonie to the Tri-States, which Leonie said was part of her “no-nonsense” personality.

“I don’t typically seek permission of people,” said Leonie, adding that she didn’t believe she owed Sabrina an explanation.

It’s worth wondering if the back-and-forth factored into Sabrina’s post-win comments at the Millennium competition.

“F-ck, yes! I’m so glad I beat Leonie,” a laughing Sabrina exclaimed to Dancing Queens. “I can’t be nicer. I can’t.”

Both exchanged pleasantries after the win.

“I think she’s fantastic,” Leonie admitted. “It’s just that my patience for Sabrina really is like a toddler wearing a tiara. It is short and precious.”

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