Carla Hall Shares an Easy Go-To Recipe You’ll Make All Season Long — No Cookbook Required

Carla Hall Shares an Easy Go-To Recipe You’ll Make All Season Long — No Cookbook Required

The Bravo's Top Chef alum shared a recipe that even a novice home chef can make easily. 

By Jenny Berg
Carla Hall's African Groundnut Soup

Want to make a fall dish that satisifies your craving for coziness without even picking up a measuring spoon? Carla Hall's your lady. The Feast recently caught up with the Bravo's Top Chef  alum and asked her for one, perhaps slightly selfish, favor: Could she please share a go-to dish that we can make all season long — one that's simple enough for your everyday home chef to whip up on a dime? No pressure. 

Carla didn't even have to think twice about the dish she'd recommend. She even told us how to make it. Listen up, because here's everything you need to know about your new favorite side dish: 

"Smashed vegetables — especially this time of year," she told us of her go-to cookbook-free dish. "In the fall and winter when you’re getting a lot of root vegetables [like] rutabagas, beets, and potatoes, and turnips... I like to smash them." So turn the oven up high — to about 400 degrees — and put the veggies in to roast after tossing them in olive oil.

When the vegetables are soft enough, "you smash them and then you just take some kind of quick vinaigrette to pour on them, then use some onions that have been sitting in that vinaigrette, or some kind of dressing," Carla added. Oh and by the way, if you need a quick vinaigrette recipe, we can help out with that, too.

 Happy carrot smashing! 

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