KFC Is Now Facing a Gravy Shortage to Go With its Chicken Crisis

KFC Is Now Facing a Gravy Shortage to Go With its Chicken Crisis

The chain's UK locations are operating with limited supplies of key ingredients.

By Tamara Palmer

It's the kind of devastation not even the sight of Reba McEntire in a Colonel Sanders suit can fix: a KFC gravy and chicken shortage. To recap, the fast food chain ran out of chicken at locations in England, and, just as they'd started to recover, they're now dangerously low on gravy, too.

BBC News noted that a switch of suppliers last week led to a scarcity of birds, and has now contributed additional problems that led to some locations closing and others serving a limited menu. CNN reported that all but three percent of England's locations are now open again, but it's all traumatized a nation, even leading to people making fake emergency calls on the country's 911 equivalent hotline 999, according to The Independent.

The company has a good sense of humor about the drama, and created a newspaper ad with a chicken bucket that says FCK instead of KFC and reads, "WE'RE SORRY. A chicken restaurant without any chicken. It's not ideal... Thank you for bearing with us."

Quick! Someone make sure the biscuits are okay!

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