Meghan Markle's Pot-Farmer Cousin Named a Strain of Weed After Royal Baby Archie

Meghan Markle's Pot-Farmer Cousin Named a Strain of Weed After Royal Baby Archie

There are many perks to being a royal — but this is a rather dubious way to honor Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor .

By Jenny Berg
Royal Baby Paternity Leave

Though a strain of weed most likely wasn't in Meghan Markle's baby registry, her son now has his very own. That's right: The duchess' weed-farming nephew, Tyler Dooley, is pushing a hybrid strain of pot called "Archie Sparkie." Can we get a face-palm emoji? 

This isn't the first time Markle's relative — who's the son of her half-brother — has tried to cash in on his aunt's fame. Before this new pot strain hit the market, he released another one called, "Markle Sparkle." Apparently, that one was so successful that it encouraged him to keep on going with the royal smokes. 

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Dooley said,  "People have always called me the black sheep of the family but I've been working my ass off to make a living in a very competitive business. 'Markle Sparkle' made headlines and made me a lot of money."

He also shared some interesting architectural plans for his 1,000-acre farm in Oregon: "Hemp can be turned into all sorts of eco-friendly products from clothing to building materials. I'm planning to use hemp-based bricks to build a turreted castle on the farm in honor of Archie."

How... touching?

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