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Irv's Nerve

Rachel praises Irv Richards' bravery and knows that we could all learn from his awesome attitude.

By Rachel Federoff

A True Gentleman

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This was by far one the most heartwarming, touching, and REAL moments for team MC. Irv Richards, a true class-act gentleman looking for love after his wife passed away from cancer, came to us in hopes of moving onward and upward. Having Irv as my client made me grin from ear to ear, as FINALLY I was able to show Patti that the older generations need love too, and in fact, sometimes even more so.

Casting Irv R.

Let’s take a moment to look at Destin’s client, however. Stephanie, a new, 30-something, business owning millionaire-ESS looking for her Persian/Jewish/Rob Kardashian with a voice like she just swallowed the entire Lollipop Guild. Yep, good times.

Casting Stephanie C.

Now back to sweet Irv. It was so much fun doing the one-way mirror, as we wanted him to really pick properly with, of course, the help of Denise and yours truly. Sherilee was the most amazing woman for him and I just knew those two would be a match made in heaven. Irv was the poster boy for chivalry, complete with sending a car to pick her up, flowers, cooking lessons, and dinner outside amongst the waterfalls. The burnt sugar on top of the Baked Alaska was when Irv complimented Sherilee’s eyes. Now that, my friends, is how it’s done!

This week made my heart sing, and goes to show you that love doesn’t end- it can keep on going forever, no matter what age you may be. Take note out there, men under 60: you just witnessed how a man should be.

As for you, “Squeaky” and Brad: sloths, owls, and 2,000 Facebook friends... Yeah, that’s just swell.

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