Which Southern State Is the *Least* Hospitable?

Which Southern State Is the *Least* Hospitable?

...and which is the most?

By Alesandra Dubin

When you think of the American South, what comes to mind? Perhaps sweet tea and barbecue, small-town charm, family values — and definitely that famous hospitality. 

But not all Southern states are created equal when it comes to living up to the reputation. According to a survey among more than 2,000 Americans by vacation rental site Twiddy, West Virginia came in dead last on the list of Southern states known for its hospitality. Just a sad one percent cited the state as "most hospitable." On the flip side, a full 26 percent of all respondents named Georgia as the most hospitable state in the South — nearly twice as many votes as any other state.

Runners up were Louisiana and Texas, with 17 and 13 percent respectively.

Beyond that, respondents also weighed in on each state's very best quality. Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee scored tops for charm. Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, and Oklahoma, were most known for their politeness.

And for good Southern home cooking? The survey says Kentucky, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi are the absolute best places in the south.

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