Shereé: "I Definitely Didn't See That Coming"

Shereé: "I Definitely Didn't See That Coming"

Shereé Whitfield shares more about Bob's cabaret surprise and Porsha Williams' dinner drama. Have you been back to Spain since the incident with Bob?

Shereé Whitfield: I haven't been to the city in Spain where the incident with Bob took place. However, I have been to Spain a couple times since. I would love to one day return to that city, as it's beautiful and quite romantic, depending on the company. What did you think of Bob's cabaret surprise?

SW: Hilarious! Bob has always been charming and has a great sense of humor. That is his true self, the person I was initially attracted to. Were you surprised to receive his thank you for being a good parent?

SW: I definitely didn't see that coming. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in being a mom and doing whatever it takes to keep your kids safe, protected, loved, and happy that that's your main focus. So, to hear from their father that he sees the positive results of my parenting and thank me for it, despite all of our personal issues, it was really nice to hear...finally! What went through your mind during the drama at dinner?

SW: "This just went left!" I can see why Porsha could have felt attacked, but I also think if she just would have taken a moment to herself and rejoined the group and shared with all of us that it is something she doesn't want to discuss, it would have probably ended the talk. 

By being defensive and then engaging with the agitator, I think she gave some of her power away. I am glad that she was able to recognize that she needed to remove herself from the situation when she felt it was escalating. That definitely shows that she is learning what her triggers are! Power to Porsha for learning when to walk away from Miss Petty Betty Moore, the Master Provoker!

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