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Riley Burruss on Being Ace and Blaze's Big Sister: "I Just Love Hanging Out with Them"

RHOA cast member Kandi Burruss' daughter opens up about her little brother and sister.

When it coms to talking about her little siblings, Ace Tucker and Blaze Tucker, Riley Burruss, 18, definitely has a lot of gushing words to say about the two kids.

Up until 5 years ago, Kandi Burruss' daughter was an only child, but that all changed once Ace was born in 2016 followed by Blaze a few years later in November 2019. The Real Housewives of Atlanta daughter is opening up about her life as a big sister like never before in an exclusive interview with Bravo Insider.

"Of course before [the kids were born], I was like [to my mom], 'Don't have any more kids,' but, of course, she did.  Now I love them. As we've seen on the show, Ace and I have a great relationship. It's kind of like I adopt them as my own children and I just love hanging out with them. It's kind of sad being in New York [at NYU] and, of course during [the] COVID[-19 pandemic], I can't travel home a lot," she said in a recent phone interview.

Riley continued, "So instead now they're still growing and I still want to be around them every day to see all their new things, especially with my baby sister 'cause she's having her first steps and she hasn't stepped, I don’t think, but she'll be doing that soon.  So it's kind of like I'm missing these little things that I wish I could be there for, so I'm really sad about that.  But I really love having little siblings. It's amazing."

So, in case you were wondering which of her little siblings she sees a lot of herself in, she revealed, "I'd say maybe Blaze because she's sassy, I guess. [She] is very little, but it's like everything kind of has to be her way, I feel like I can already see that. But with Ace he's so cheery. He always wants to help.  I could be like 'oh can you give me like a glass of water?' and we'll both be sitting in the same area and he'll just go do it. And even if he's watching T.V., he'll go get something for me.  So it's like he's overly caring. I guess that's similar to my mom.  So, my Mom I felt like she's always trying to help others. So I definitely see that from her in Ace cause he's always helping everyone and it's so cool."

And if you've been paying attention to social media, you can definitely sense Ace's personality even in photos. He, much like the rest of his family, is extremely photogenic. Well, thanks to Riley, that is. "He's definitely had to learn.  Even over a year ago, I had him taking pictures for me.  So he's definitely had to learn in our household. I had to make him my own photographer," she said.

He also helps his big sis out in other ways. "Whenever I want my mom to do something, I'm like 'oh Ace, go listen, go talk to her and see what she says.' And then he'll remember and come back to me."

Riley Burruss Heads to NYU!

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