Here's the Real Story Behind This Familiar Image

Here's the Real Story Behind This Familiar Image

The ladies almost ended up holding something completely different in the Season 1 opening credits.

By Megan Segura

The Real Housewives of Orange County have oranges, the New York ladies have apples, and the Beverly Hills 'Wives...they have diamonds. It turns out, however, the oversized diamonds were the second choice for the Season 1 opening credits. In an unseen moment from the RHOBH Uncensored Special, producers explain the backstory behind the image.

The ladies were originally meant to hold champagne flutes in the opening shot, but as Dave Rupel, Executive Producer of Season 1, explained, "We did the champagne, but in the wake of Kim being outed as an alcoholic, it felt in poor taste, and so I think we got diamonds by default."

We're not complaining--the diamonds look beautiful and certainly help illustrate the glamour and opulence that has come to be expected from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Though if forced to choose another option one day, we hope producers consider a styled Giggy for each of the ladies.

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