Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave: My Apology to Dorit Is Sincere

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave: My Apology to Dorit Is Sincere

"...obviously, I was told this inflamed tale to get me to react."

The lies. The LIES! THE LIES!

Finally, you get to hear the full story and the reason I wasn’t completely forthcoming with the group about everything.

When Blizzard called me to tell me the dog story, I was told that Dorit kept the dog locked in her basement and it hadn’t seen the sun in months; obviously, I was told this inflamed tale to get me to react. And I did in the moment. But I did not reveal the story that day at Vanderpump Dogs as I was originally supposed to. THAT is what I mean when I kept saying I didn’t go through with it. Yes, I made a reference to the dog when John brought her out, but once LVP started with her “resistance,” I knew something was askew. Watch the scene back. Everybody was confused.

My apology to Dorit is sincere. I’m sorry that it all happened the way it did, and if I could go back, I would have just shown all of the texts in the Bahamas. Of course, I asked to have the dog there. When making a plan to bring a story up, I wasn’t just going to do it out of thin air. I was open with all the women before then that I was involved in some way, which is why it was so easy for Dorit (and the rest) to be understanding and forgiving.

Speaking of the texts, as I said last week, so convenient that LVP (and Ken) decided to focus on that one little part rather than all of them. As you see, Ken was also involved in all of this as he was calling Blizzard about it.

John Blizzard Text Message Screenshot

And please don’t tweet me about how John Blizzard “admitted” that he was lying. All he and LVP did was try and convince the audience that she had nothing to do with this. That is why LVP continuously mentioned how little she knew him, despite texts like this:

John Blizzard Text Message Screenshot

And this, where you see that LVP made a joke to Blizzard about me adopting the dog beforehand and then tonight you saw she makes another joke about that. But she has NEVER had communication with him, EVER.

John Blizzard Text Message Screenshot

LVP also can’t keep her story straight about how and when she found out I knew. She said multiple times she’s had no communication with Blizzard (lie) and that John Sessa “had no idea Blizzard and Teddi was interacting” (lie), but yet she texted Dorit immediately after I was told that “Teddi knows.” 

Speaking of texts, you hear me and Rinna say to LVP, “But you said there were no texts.” That’s because in the Bahamas, LVP said she called Ken, and Ken said there were no texts. Of course, they were lying because they wanted to be able to twist the narrative.

Please think about it: Why would John Blizzard come to me with this information and plan to bring this story out on camera, risking his position and relationship with a company and family he’s known and worked for for years? The only way any of this makes sense is if LVP was behind it all.

Also, LVP cutely suggests in her talking head that I should have an “avoidability” business, but why should I do that when she’s been running one flawlessly for years.

But my favorite part of the episode is the end when LVP and Kyle are in the car and her facade has faded. When mentioning me saying we could “coexist,” LVP, with a giggle and a snide smile, says, “It’s like you should be so lucky, bitch.” Seems to me the “Queen of Diamonds” is actually a joker.

Special shoutout to my amazing therapist, Valerie Sadon. A concierge therapist is a game changer— she comes to you! And after this season, I may need to put her on retainer.        

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