"Am I a snitch? A bone collector? A “both sides player”?  Do loose lips sink ships?"

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The Real Housewives of Dallas Impersonate Each Other

Welcome back.

My head is spinning.

Am I a snitch? A bone collector? A “both sides player”?  Do loose lips sink ships?

A no side’s player is what I’m thinking…

Let’s recap this year so far: 

I’ve told Brandi that D’Andra was referring to her when discussing Adderall use in Dallas;

I told D’Andra about LeeAnne sharing details about their private convo about her financial issues;

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LeeAnne Locken Said That D'Andra Simmons Only Has 200 Dollars in Her Bank Account?!

I bring Stephanie in immediately with Kameron when she tries to discuss the Beaver Creek “baby bashing incident”;

I inadvertently throw Brandi under the bus with Kam over who put the kibosh on the stressticles gag;

The girls say: I’m never going to be neutral (LeeAnne) or I play both sides (Kam);

What the hell am I supposed to do in all of these situations?!?

I have addressed the Adderall remarks in one of my first blogs this season at length. Suffice it to say, if you’re talking to me about my friend and remarking about serious, potentially damaging things, I’m going to tell them, and sooner rather than later. It’s the right thing to do. I admitted it, and I stand by it.

Last week I talked about sharing the private financial convo LeeAnne had with D’Andra that LeeAnne then shared with me, well, LL said she shared that with me because she knew I was friends with D’Andra also and she felt maybe I could help with the situation. Well, you help a friend by talking with them, which is exactly what I did. Please note, LeeAnne brought me into that circle (I didn’t ask for that). I closed the circle by getting back to D’Andra. I didn’t bring it up to the group, NEITHER did LeeAnne, D’Andra did. Please notice that I’m not broadcasting secrets to the group, I AM CLOSING THE TELEPHONE GOSSIP CIRCLE THAT THESE GIRLS KEEP DRAGGING ME INTO. This is becoming a recurring theme.

Kameron Westcott and Stephanie Hollman Feud Over Brandi Redmond's Adoption Party

Now this week, I’m getting sucked back in by the Badger of Beaver Creek. Why are we back on this baby bashing thing, where apparently I played both sides? Back then, I recall trying to be neutral and saying everyone (Steph and Kam) was in the wrong a little. But Kam says I didn’t have her back because I went to my posse (Steph) to work out the details. Really Kam? Let’s get her over here right now to see if that’s what happened. If she comes right over, she can and will clear up what happened. But Kam doesn’t want that, she says I didn’t need to involve Steph.  Guess what, I DIDN’T!!!! YOU (Kam) involved her by bringing her name into the convo accusing me of taking her side. I don’t even know what she’s gonna say, but I’m willing to hear it, hell, maybe she’ll say you’re right and I’m wrong. But you can’t deal with what she might say!  Bringing her in, when YOU bring her up, is the adult thing to do, but I guess you can’t handle the truth.

Cary Deuber Reaches Her Limit with Kameron Westcott

Now onto the stressticle fiasco (does anyone else think all of this is borderline ridiculous or is it just me?) So…  I tried to save face with Kam by taking full credit for stopping the stressticle gag from happening. OK, I fucked up a little there. Ultimately Brandi decided against it because she’s really trying to develop a good relationship with Kam. It was her call and she did the right thing, but I did clearly suggest that the gag would not be well received and Kam would be pissed.  So I’d like to think I had a little bit of input into the decision Brandi ultimately made. I can see Brandi’s side that I took too much credit with Kam. Trying to diffuse the Kam conflict with me, I stepped right into a Brandi landmine and I apologized for my misstep immediately.  Oh well, live and learn.

AND, there are clearly still landmines on the horizon for me. Back to that ‘closing the telephone gossip circle’: In the very same convo with Brandi where she says I “tried to make her look bad” to Kam, not three seconds later, I’m sucked by her into the next telephone gossip saga: “LeeAnne will chirp in Kam’s ear” and “Kameron doesn’t have a voice of her own” and “Kam needs to have a brain of her own for once” - all Brandi’s words. You already see that one’s gonna come right back to me next week with LeeAnne.

“Don’t do it girl, don’t tell me secrets, I’m going to tell them.” I’ve told these girls I’m going to be a straight shooter, if they gossip about each other to me, I’m going to try my best to share it with the other person. I believe it’s the right thing to do and I’m going to be able to sleep at night.  

You know what, these girls want to sh** talk each other, by all means, have at it... just not to me!  PLEASE!!!!

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