Cary: I Am in Fact Too Bougie for the Rodeo!

Cary: I Am in Fact Too Bougie for the Rodeo!

"I got to skip the bull this week, which was so nice."

The Real Housewives of Dallas Ride a Mechanical Bull

Welcome back for another week. While most of the girls traveled back to Dallas after the Beaver Creek trip, Stephanie and I headed off to spring break with our families. There was a short montage of both of our trips-Stephanie’s adventures in Italy, and my annual family ski trip with Mark and Zuri to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We really love to ski and are so excited that Zuri loves it too! We're so proud of the progress she made this year. She was actually skiing down some blue runs on the main mountain for the first time! We had a blast!

So I got to skip the bull this week, which was so nice. I am originally from the east coast SO I AM IN FACT too bougie for the rodeo! I do own cowboy boots and don’t mind getting dirty but I prefer city life. There seemed to be a lot of judging going on (and I'm not talking about the rodeo either). LeeAnne, Kameron, Brandi, and D’Andra were jousting with each other more than with that bull. I’m gonna need a scorecard to keep track of who is with who right now. I can actually understand why LeeAnne is hesitant about D’Andra’s newfound friendship with Brandi. She feels like she was burned in the past. I’ve been there too in the not so distant past, making me a little gun shy also. Time will tell…

Back in Dallas, you can see our home has turned into a real war zone. Our planned renovation mutated from a small project into an all-out complete gut renovation. We probably should have just moved…

Our builder, Susan Newell, originally built our house and she is definitely delivering on our ‘fluffing project’ - her words!  I’m not sure which part of the renovation is cooler - the over the top closet lighting scheme, straight out of the high-end boutiques in Highland Park Village or the Michelin restaurant grade French stove! I know Mark is as excited about the kitchen, as I am about my new closet! Like I say - when life gets messy, just build a bigger closet!

I’m just desperate to get out of my parents' house before they return to Dallas. I love my parents but I could not live with them for one night (not one more night than the 18 years I had to, LOL). Seriously though, I do feel like living in their house has made me yearn for a closer relationship with my dad.  My dad worked very hard and traveled a lot while I was growing up, so I didn't get to see him as much as my mom.  It warms my heart that Zuri and Mark spend so much quality time together. It makes me wish for that with my dad.

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