Ep 1: Your Amygdala Is Showing

Ep 1: Your Amygdala Is Showing

Season 3 |
Aired: August 15, 2018

After trying unsuccessfully for a third child last season, Brandi has adopted a baby boy named Bruin. LeeAnne begins trying to meditate away her anger, blaming her enlarged amygdala as the source of her sour disposition. Cary has opened a new laser center and started major renovations on her home forcing her to live with her parents until the job is completed. Kameron’s husband Court gives her an ultimatum: find a distributor for her “Sparkle Dog” pet food, or give it up. Cary and LeeAnne arrange a summit to settle their differences, while Stephanie begins to see LeeAnne in a new light. D’Andra throws a big celebration for her fourth wedding anniversary, but finds herself at odds again with Mama Dee over the family business.

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