Ep 5: Rodeo Barbie

Ep 5: Rodeo Barbie

Season 3 |
Aired: September 12, 2018
| tv-14 |

LeeAnne and Rich settle their marriage woes and vow to start the wedding planning process. Kameron prepares for the Global Pet Expo, despite her children’s disapproval. Brandi plans a rodeo adventure for new bestie D’Andra’s birthday, but things get heated when D’Andra’s social status is called into question. Meanwhile, Cary and Stephanie return from their respective vacations too late and miss all the rodeo shenanigans, including Brandi surprising D’Andra with a special gift, and a possessive LeeAnne giving D’Andra a lap dance.  Cary checks on her home renovation and worries it won’t be done before her parents come back into town.

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