S3 - E4

Ep 4: God Save the Queen, Bitch

The Beaver Creek trip continues, as Kameron and Stephanie feud over a miscommunication regarding Brandi’s adopted baby. Cary tries to calm Kameron down but it’s no use. During a tense van ride to the snowmobiles, LeeAnne advises Kameron to listen to Stephanie’s intentions and not her words, which clears the air.  At the top of the mountain, D’Andra ends her longstanding feud with Brandi by apologizing for her offensive comments. Brandi and D’Andra become fast friends, inventing their own specialty shot: “The Spitfire”.  At the final dinner, Brandi pits D’Andra against LeeAnne in a pageant for the title of “Queen”.  But the pageant gets derailed when D’Andra asks LeeAnne why she hasn’t set a wedding date. After a questionable talent contest, D’Andra walks off with the crown, and leaves Kameron wondering who this new D’Andra really is.

Aired: 09/05/2018
TV-14 |