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Luann de Lesseps: It Doesn't Matter to Me Who Tom Dated

Luann makes it clear that the past is the past and Tom is her future.

By Luann de Lesseps
Tom Is Popular Among the Housewives

Three weeks had passed since Ramona’s holiday party, and I was happy to see the girls again to share the news that I’ve found my soul mate in Tom and that we are thinking about getting married! The first person I wanted to share the news with was Sonja, so she wouldn’t have to wonder where I was spending my time night after night. When she told me that she’d been with Tom four weeks earlier, my first thought was that she needs to do her math. We knew we were going to stay together, but it took a couple of weeks to get there. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter to me who Tom dated, because we are planning our future together. As for Sonja’s decision to quit drinking, I say “bravo” because it will help her have a better perspective on her life and her business.

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Time Will Tell

Mexico? Tequila tastings? I’m in! When I watched how the girls responded to whether or not I was invited, I was surprised that Ramona didn’t stick up for me more. We’ve been on so many fun girls’ trips together and she does say how I would be missed if I weren’t included, but she didn’t say that to the girls. I think that Ramona takes Sonja and me for granted. We’ve been by her side through the good and the bad for many years, so you’d think she would be more loyal? Wrong! When I was at her apartment trying out the hair extensions, I shared with her that I had a fortune teller come to my home back in November and she predicted I’d meet my soul mate within two weeks, and I did! Tom told me he loved me one week in, and the feeling was mutual. Ramona could tell how over-the-moon I was for Tom, so when she tried to burst my bubble by sharing what she’d heard about him calling his ex and giving her a present, I wondered if she was trying to be a good girlfriend or if subliminally, she was trying to hurt me. I admire Tom’s ability to be friends with his ex. I, too, am friends with my ex-husband, and we’ve maintained a great friendship throughout our post-divorce years. I told Ramona that time will tell, and I’m telling you that Tom and I are still together and are planning on getting married!

I was sorry to see Jules so stressed out at her dinner with Dorinda and John. They have to find a nanny soon, or she will lose more of her hair. As for Michael’s attachment to his phone, he really should put it down and enjoy his wife and friends. I know that he’s a successful business man, but there’s a time and a place for business, and the dinner table isn’t it. Dorinda’s attempt at marriage counseling was a hoot! I do think it was hard for Jules to take it all in, but she was gracious to Dorinda as usual. I’ve been where Jules is with two children and a ton of responsibilities. Hopefully Michael will figure out how he’s going to care for their kids while Jules is in Mexico. She was firm with him that he’d need to step up and help her figure it out. If not, I hope she finds that dream nanny.

What Just Happened?

I’ve learned a lot about myself over the years on the show, and I’m willing to say that I’m better at some things than others. My listening skills are not fabulous and are a result of growing up in a large family where to get a word in was a challenge at times. Imagine nine people around a dinner table, all talking at the same time, and you can see why I have trouble at times focusing all my attention on one person. I’m a listening multi-tasker and sometimes I interrupt. I’m not perfect, and I think I’ve been humble enough to admit over and over to the girls when I’m wrong. When I was with Bethenny having drinks and discussing going to Mexico, she mentioned that Carole doesn’t want me to go on this trip. Is Carole Bethenny’s life partner? Seriously, she needs to get over her resentment. In the end, if I’m not invited, it’s their loss. I’m very happy to stay at home with Tom.

Until next week, God bless.

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