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Ramona Singer: So Much for Girl Code

Ramona explains why she doesn't trust Luann around guys she dates.

By Ramona Singer
Do Women Trust Luann?

I really was trying to make peace at the Berkshires. I wanted everyone to get along. Luann was on the outs with Bethenny, and Carole and I were trying to help mend fences. 

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Luann, though, tends to lie and is not forthcoming. We all know this, and that's why Bethenny lost it on Luann. 

I can't believe knowing this how much I was trying to help Luann. It's the caregiver in me being the eldest of four kids. I do help people no matter how bad they can be.

Luann knew I was dating Tom as she told me she saw the article in the press. Luann knows I am very private with  the press about who I date. Luann said it was put in by Tom's friend Anna who is in PR. The article was more about what and who Tom is than about me, LOL.

Since Luann and I are supposed to be friends, there is no reason in the world she could not have told me she was dating Tom. I could care less she was dating him but thought it was disrespectful not to mention it. So much for girl code. 

When Luann asked for an example of how we don't trust her around our men, I gave her one. Luanne had to switch and bait and talk about me in Turks and Caicos conversing with the owner. If he wanted to speak with the other girls, he could have but was completely engaged conversing with me for two hours. A year ago I was speaking to a man at the bar of a restaurant in NYC. He later came to the table and sat next to me conversing with me exclusively for an hour. When I came back from the ladies' room, Luann was snuggled up to him and refused to move. I just climbed over the booth and pushed her away, LOL. Sonja has tons  of stories of how Luann would be with the men Sonja was with...

As far as Luann goes, everyone is open game, whether they are married or not. Luann has kissed married men, and everyone has witnessed this. The most notorious was when she was still married and attended the Rome wedding in Southampton, which was reported byNew York Magazine. She kissed a woman's husband in front of his wife and actually said to the wife,  "Get over it " when the wife asked what Luann was doing. Bethenny had a date at the wedding. We told Luann he was wealthy and next thing you know she was all over him and grabbing his crotch on the dance floor.

Poor Jules was so upset about her dad. Luann should have been there to comfort her. Luann was so narcisstic trying to talk about Bethenny and not helping Jules at all.

Dorinda is the best host ever! I love going to her place in the Berkshires. I just can't believe she had so much stress when we were all there. 





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