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Dorinda Medley: I Want You as a Friend, but I’m Not Going to Beg

"I don't believe in throwing people or friendships away."

By Dorinda Medley
Dorinda Medley Tries to Make Peace With Luann de Lesseps

This week sees us back in NYC at Sonja Morgan’s party for her launch of the Paper Magazine cover. To be honest, my goal that night was to come to congratulate Sonja and make some sort of connection with Luann without anyone interfering. The encounter was awkward, to say the least, and I felt zero eye contact or affection from her, but that's OK — I can just keep trying. I don't believe in throwing people or friendships away, and I certainly believe in love and forgiveness. I’m starting to believe this is more of an excuse to avoid me. Well, I’m just hoping and praying as I said that if I hug her enough and love her enough, I’ll break through! By the way, the hat did look great!

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Tinsley Mortimer’s Mom Isn’t So Sure About Her Relationship

I do love seeing Tinsley and her mother together. They have a unique relationship and it’s fun to watch. Dale is Tinsley's constant reminder of what markers she feels Tinsley needs to be meeting, and I believe Tinsley tries to manage and avoid the comments. Tinsley is doing things at her own pace, and I don't think she needs to be pushed by anyone. Relationships are unique and individual, and it never works when anyone tries to impose their timeline onto others. Leave the girl alone, Dale, she is doing her best figuring it all out!

Now onto Sonja and the townhouse. I am so happy she moved out. It’s too much and she is now free to be Sonja! The townhouse makes Sonja heavy and consumed and she doesn't need all this at this point in her life. I want her to rent/sell the townhouse and keep on enjoying her beautiful jewel of an apartment. She's been working hard to keep it all together over the years, and now it’s time to do Sonja and be a little bit selfish to be a whole lot happy. I’m proud of you, Sonja!

I’ve always said Ramona is the best dater, and she knows in all situations both positive and negative whether it’ll work or not. This date was terrible, but Ramona handled it so well. I was laughing through the whole scene! Criteria: Never married, don’t have to work all the time, social and strong moral stance (who talks about species!), and likes being married. Mark is definitely a swipe left.

Onto the Gangster Lunch. I was told "gangster lunch" and to dress up, and I went for it! What happened? I’m not surprised Lu wouldn’t come unless her Gurkha soldier was attending, but who cares? This is between the two of us to solve now. Barbara’s take on this is irrelevant at this point to me. At the lunch, I just wanted to honestly communicate with Luann and work out our issues. I’m tired of living in the past, hashing the same old stuff. I’m a believer in leaving the past in the past and moving forward. This sandbox attitude of "he said she said" is an excuse not to deal with the real issue: Do we want to work on this relationship or not? What she did or I did is not of importance anymore, and quite frankly it now comes off as childish antics. So as I said at lunch, Lu, I love you. I want you as a friend, but I’m not going to beg. I’m just happy we figured out the devil can't catch you in the corner of a roundhouse. Ha!

Didn't you love meeting Laurie Cooper? She sold my apartment in 2001, and we’re still close. Laurie is a fabulous, smart, sassy lady and a true New Yorker! Of course, I’m going to have her sell/rent my apartment as she is the best in town!

Dorinda Medley Kicks Barbara Kavovit Out of Her Home

I wanted to invite Barbara to my apartment to see if she could remember that we were actually good friends independently of others. I’m not sure she even has the ability to talk about anything with me other than her one-sided view of my relationship with Lu. It appears both odd and confusing, so maybe a one-on-one will remind her that our friendship has and never has had anything to do with Lu. But alas, she is unable to talk or focus on anything else but her appointed job as both guard and mouthpiece. Barbara is not only disengaged from our friendship, she is insulting about my home. So simple  GET OUT! Great to see you, greater to see you go!

Until next week, where it’s Halloween in the Berkshires!

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