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Dorinda Medley: Money Certainly Can't Buy You Class

"I'd personally sleep at 'Madame Bethenny's' (as Lu called her) feet if needed after what she and Barbara did for her!"

By Dorinda Medley
The Real Housewives Strut Their Mutts

I was dying to get up to the Berkshires to decorate for Halloween, but I still want to go to Tinsley's Rescue Dog event! Tinsley loves her little one Bambi, and she is a complete and total dog lover, so I am here to support her before I dash up to unpack all things Halloween! Love to not only support Tinsley and her event but participating was kind of a tribute to my dear faithful and constant friend, Lucy. Lucy was 15 when she died, and she was my love. My girl was always there, always happy to see me, she really helped to get me through some tough times, and I will love her forever for that! I miss you, Lucy the Dog!

Bethenny Frankel Has Guilt Around Dennis Shield’s Death
Bethenny Frankel Has Guilt Around Dennis Shield’s Death

I was proud to see Bethenny with her grief counselor. Grief is this weird, untouchable, no-guidelines thing. There is no guidebook for grief and you find yourself questioning all your actions. Can I be happy? Should I do this? Why am I laughing? Why am I now bursting out in tears? It's painful and lonely to go through, and I think it was very brave to sit down and verbalize this. Bethenny deserves to be happy but also deserves to grieve in her way. Grief does not exclude happiness and vice versa. So keep doing what you're doing, Bethenny. Move forward and do what makes you and your daughter happy and healthy. 

Where do I start with the Berkshires? I know this is going to be tough, but I am going to do everything in my power to make it as nice as possible, and if that means booking yoga, massages, and whatever else, I will do it to appease Lu. I know that "the kissing 
of the ring" is part of what Lu wants from me, so I will tread carefully to accommodate her. Lu, on the other hand, came into the Wheatleigh with a very haughty and entitled attitude. "I came all the way from Upstate New York." Well I'm upset, and it's just 54 miles away! "We're barely a handshake away." Are we? Then the final blow: the "I’m in the freakin' shark room, I should have Bethenny's room!" Demand what?! This is just blatantly rude and unbelievable on all levels. Lets put it simply: You're a guest, and Bethenny saved your life emotionally, financially, and physically. I'd personally sleep at "Madame Bethenny's" (as Lu called her) feet if needed after what she and Barbara did for her! I was equally stunned to see Ramona and Sonja act like catty old bitches and not support me. But Tinsley with her good breeding and impeccable manners took the bullet for me and stood up, and I thank her for that. By the way, the fish room is great, and I hope if I stay with you in your home, Lu, you are as accommodating as I tried to be. There are no bad rooms in my house, and it's not in the back of the house either. These demands and this sense of entitlement is not a good look for anyone, especially you, Lu. 

Can't wait for B to get here, so I can update her on all that she missed. 

Until next week! Money can't buy you class that's for sure!

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