Dorinda Medley: Sonja's Complete Meltdown Was Scary

Dorinda Medley: Sonja's Complete Meltdown Was Scary

"I think it was more about the emotions with the visit and of course a few cocktails than it was about anything else."

Bethenny Frankel Can’t Wrap Her Head Around Luann de Lesseps’ Comments

This whole situation with the fish room is over the top, ridiculous, and extremely rude. This so-called aversion to staying there has nothing to do with what happened last year in the room. This has to do with power. To tell you the truth, neither Ramona or Lu's house is particularly my taste, but I was raised with more manners and would never say anything rude, mean, or tasteless as these girls did. But I will continue to be a gracious host/innkeeper and book all needed activities to keep the peace. 

Taking Sonja to Ventfort Hall was my way of really connecting with her and putting our past differences behind us. I find it interesting that I live in a house built by the Stanley family and there is a Morgan family house up the street. Now we can see Sonja in her element, and boy does she go there! I think she was ready to put on a ballgown and host an event! Luckily we were able to pull her back to the present and head home for our Bare Naked Chef Halloween dinner and the arrival of Bethenny

I had to tell Bethenny what went down at the dinner at The Wheatleigh and the whole fish room nonsense, and, as expected, after everything Bethenny has done and gone through with Luann, she was in disbelief. No deed goes unpunished when it comes to Lu wanting “Madame B's” room and helping out others, and this is a prime example. 

I think people have to start realizing this has all gone too far and at some point, it has got to normalize. Everybody needs to start taking responsibility for themselves without using any unreasonable excuses for their behavior.

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Now Barbara Kavovit Has a Problem With Dorinda Medley's Fish Room

As you can see, Barbara came in with a puss on her face. I have a feeling she has been informed — or shall I say misinformed — about the weekend. Simply, she acted horrible, and it is very surprising. Remember, she insulted my apartment, and now she's insulting my home! I’m glad Bethenny reiterated what I said in my apartment before throwing her out — Barbara drank the Kool-Aid and can't see the situation objectively. Now poor Sonja is thrown to the wolves, and Sonja was being kind to her! 

Sonja’s complete meltdown about the Morgan letters at dinner was a little scary, especially since they weren't even real letters. I think it was more about the emotions with the visit and of course a few cocktails than it was about anything else. 

Sonja Morgan Is Going All In

Thank you, Masseuse, Yoga Teacher, and Naked Chef, and please, leave your ideas in the suggestion box for your visit next time!

Until next week!

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