S5 - E10

You Want to What Me in the Where?

Heather and her branding team of experts head to Sonja's house for their second meeting and much to their surprise, Sonja has invited Ramona over as someone in her court to chat business and ideas. Later that night, Ramona invites all of the ladies and their significant others out to dinner -- except for Heather. But things go awry quickly as LuAnn offends Carole and Mario takes issue with Jacques. Over lunch, LuAnn confides in Sonja that she's trying to have a baby with Jacques. Sonja worries that LuAnn is doing it for the right reasons. Finally, LuAnn hosts a holiday party that all of the girls attend, and a very drunk Sonja confronts Jacques (and LuAnn) about some very personal issues. And to top off the night, the ladies get up on stage to sing, accompanied by the punk band that LuAnn hired, but the band finishes up the night with a surprise (and inappropriate) song of their own!

Aired: 08/06/2012
TV-14 |