S5 - E5

The "Cool Girls"

Aviva and Heather meet up to discuss the London trip, to which Aviva expresses concern over the exclusion of Ramona -- but Heather is not fazed in the least. LuAnn heads to an acupuncturist to see what she can do about having a baby. Meanwhile, Aviva asks Sonja to throw a fifth anniversary party for her and her husband. Sonja is ecstatic that it will be Sonja in the City's first event, although she's concerned that most of the planning will take place while she is in London. Carole decides to go on a date with a guy she met through Sonja and things seem to be going well. . .until she finds out his age. Later, Carole and Ramona meet for tea to talk about Ramona's issues with Heather and as she gets worked up thinking about the situation, Carole tries to distract her by telling Ramona that she is a princess. Ramona is over the moon knowing that Carole has one up on LuAnn. In an attempt to smooth things over, Heather invites Ramona shopping along with Aviva and Carole. When Ramona and Heather sit down to try and talk out their issues, things get escalated quickly and Ramona leaves without an outfit or a London invite.

Aired: 07/02/2012
TV-14 |