Episode 4: Diss-Invite

Episode 4: Diss-Invite

Season 5 |
Aired: June 25, 2012

Ramona invites Aviva, Carole, and Sonja for lunch to discuss her current issues with Heather, however, Sonja chooses to have a secret rendezvous with LuAnn instead. LuAnn voices concern that Ramona has control over Sonja, but Sonja sets the record straight. Always the journalist, Carole and her friend Tripp head downtown to witness the Wall Street protest, where they takes photos, sign petitions, and Carole talks about her time working at ABC News. In order to resolve their issues, Ramona agrees to meet Heather for drinks hoping to get an invite to the London trip but the drinks take a turn for the worse when they actually get talking. Aviva and Heather have a night out where Aviva informs a suspecting Heather that because of her phobias and family, she won't be going on the London trip. Meanwhile, Sonja hosts a party in honor of her new magazine cover and Ramona pressures her for going on the London trip without her. . .leading to the first rift in their friendship and many concerns.

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