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Dorinda: Let the Games Begin

New Housewife Dorinda dishes on what she really thinks of her fellow 'Wives.

Hi, everybody! I’m Dorinda, the new girl! Really excited to be here and watch what happens along with you. I’ve always been a fan of the franchise, all my New York City girls, and now I’m one of them. Loving it!

OK, first things first: When I saw the first episode, I was like, “Oh My God! Is that me?!” It is quite jarring to see yourself on TV for the first time and to actually hear your voice. So weird! I can tell you one thing: I am making hundreds of appointments up and down Park Avenue for facials, trainers, hair stylists, plastic surgeons...just kidding…maybe.

I thought the premiere was great and less scary than I expected. It’s OK—it’s all good. My life has not drastically changed, and the locust have not landed at my door for the grand gloom and doom. (Quirky little reference, isn’t it? Thanks.) I think it shows me as I am, and I pray that’s what continues, but I am sure the road is going to get a bit more rocky in the coming weeks.

I am so thankful to Ramona for pushing me and getting me on the show. She has been a great friend to me throughout the years, especially during and after my husband’s passing. I met Ramona at our daughters’ school (which is where Avery and Hannah met), and over the years, we have become very close. She is a great friend, listener and gives pretty good advice. She’s honest and tells it like it is, and most importantly, pushes you and solves problems with you. I appreciate that—a lot. Life takes so many twists and turns, and we as women need to be there for each other. Ramona has always been there for me. I hope I can now help her through this difficult time and transition into her new life. She's a strong woman, and you can't keep that girl down for very long, I assure you!

I am also close to Luann. She is fun, fun, fun! I met her about eight years ago, and we hit it off immediately. We actually met at a friend’s party, on the dance floor, and just became fast friends. Weird how that happens, right? At this point in our lives, I think you just know who you’re going to roll with and who is of like mind and has the same game plan.

I can't stand when women don't extend their hand and share some ideas on what can help you get out of a bind.

Dorinda Medley

I knew Heather, too, but only from the Berkshires where she also has a house. We are two Berkshire girls. (Have you been to the Berkshires? If you haven’t, go. It’s everything.) She’s my country girl, and we have a very down-to-earth family-oriented relationship. It’s not about glitzing up or glamming up, or which parties you’re at, where you go out, and all that socializing blah blah blah. It’s about our families and our kids. We’ve always spent a lot of time in the kitchen and laying around the pool. She is an amazing woman and juggles so many things at once: a young family, a husband, a company, RHONY, numerous friends, and she does it all with a smile on her face. Gotta love that. In truth, I don't know how she is not overwhelmed all the time, yet she never is. She always has time to listen and give advice and provide solutions. She always shares who she knows and who can help, and I like that in a friend. I can't stand when women don't extend their hand and share some ideas on what can help you get out of a bind.

Sonja and I would see each other over the years but never really had the chance to “officially meet,” so I’ve not been able to really bond with her. She is another strong woman, mother, and a great friend. Don't let the funny humor and flippant attitude fool you. I’m sitting here thinking as I write this, and I’m laughing, but let me just say this: Beware of Sonja! She is always thinking, always working, and always making it happen. She’s very clever and, of course, very “Lady Morgan.”

And then there’s my new Housewife friends: Bethenny, Kristen, and Carole. Bethenny is that straight shooter and mogul mom we’ve all read about. Meeting her was almost kind of intimidating at first, because of all the ideas you bring into meeting someone you’ve watched for years, but I was so comforted by seeing her just be herself and be real. It’s a great tagline for her, because that’s what she is: Real. Gotta love that. We’ve become great friends and when she, Luann, and I go out for dinner, I just like to sit back, watch, listen, and learn. Those two carry on like veterans, because they are, and it’s inspiring to watch it all unfold. I love Bethenny; she’s my girl.

Gorgeous Kristen is always so positive and smiling and encouraging. She walks into a room or has a chat with you, and you really do end up feeling that life is actually pretty great, and this, too, shall pass. And then Carole: I’m convinced she’s my late husband reincarnated. She has his same personality: smart, curious, insightful, reasonable. But when you cross her, WATCH OUT! She’s pretty frank and makes no bones about it. She’s living her life, juggles work and play, and does it pretty fab. 

So, yeah…my daughter and my boyfriend. I don't want this to be the focus, LOL. I am very protective of Hannah. She is my love, my life and has been through a lot. To have to experience the loss of someone you love at such an early age is hard. I know Hannah is very protective of me, too. It’s not about John, it’s about anyone new in my life. We are all a bit gun shy after what we experienced, and it definitely causes you to “do the turtle” and pull your head back into your shell. So all of this is a process—all of it—and it’s with anyone that’s new in my life. She usually comes around. Usually… Johnnyboy makes me laugh like a fool, and sometimes I just sit back and watch him, and I can’t help but start blushing, giggling, and marveling at us. We’re so different, it’s amusing. He treats me like a queen, and I love him. Hannah will see that eventually. (I hope.)

Lastly, I am SO happy to be part of this roller coaster ride. This experience has helped me get out there again, and remember that I love being social! Never a bad thing. I love my girlfriends, and I’m basically in love with life all over again, and that’s okay…even if it’s without Richard.

Hello, new life! Let the games begin!


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