Ramona: I Put My Foot in My Mouth Big Time

Ramona: I Put My Foot in My Mouth Big Time

Ramona shares her regrets from Dorinda's birthday dinner.

Well I guess I put my foot in my mouth big time at Dorinda's birthday dinner at Petrossian. Instead of taking the compliment graciously that Heather gave me and Luann agreed with, I turned it around into an argument when I said they both never got me the way Dorinda did. My punishment for that was served up coldly--or should I say hotly--by Luann when she angrily started in about a conversation we had about John and Dorinda. OMG, when will I learn to keep my mouth totally shut?! I should have just been stuffing it with caviar.

Ramona Doesn’t Know How to Take a Compliment

It really was not nice of me to speak about John at the dinner party. I must say that I do accept him now as he makes my dear friend Dorinda happy. That's what counts the most in life...just being happy.

I would also like to add how proud I am of my friend Sonja. Her Latino Show Magazine cover was gorgeous!

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Dorinda and John's Relationship Gets Thrown Under the Bus

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