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Bethenny Frankel: I Left It All on the Court

Bethenny says there are only three things she really cares about right now.

By Bethenny Frankel
Do Women Trust Luann?

Oy. Well evidently Pitbull is not only a musical artist but also a Housewife.

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That argument was insane. I meant it all. I am not a slut shamer. I am a hypocrite and dishonesty shamer.  Many of you noticed that Luann spelled my name incorrectly on her phone. Perhaps I would have been softer on her or forgiven her if she knew how to spell my name after eight years.

To say that I couldn't get out of that house fast enough would be a massive understatement. In a perfect world, I'd want to thank Dorinda for her graciousness but having to see Luann again was the last thing I wanted to do.

Carole was right that we had to say goodbye, especially given my exodus at Jules' house. So that was definitely bitchy.

Then we're at Ramona's party. I really had had my fill. I didn't want to revisit the situation with Luann. I was genuinely satisfied with her apology, and I believe I made it clear that I wasn't happy with my delivery. I own my sh--.

As far as Sonja, this stupidity caused me unnecessary aggravation. While I didn't have major animosity for her, I definitely didn't need any more altercations. I was chock full. I guess I'm always running out of places on this show. Life is too short to hang out where you don't want to be and to argue with who you don't want to see.

Sorry. My daughter, my best friends and my business are my priorities. Zero F---s on the rest of it.

Hopefully my tone settles a little bit. I was under a lot of stress, dealing with a major health issue, and Luann may be right that I was sexually deprived and wound up. Who knows. It was so long ago.

I have a soft spot for Luann and most of the Housewives. We have been through work, love and war together, and honestly, none of it matters. We're healthy, fortunate, beautiful women. I say it in the moment and not behind people's backs. I left it all on the court, as always.

This season is our best ever. People are obsessed, and that is because it is real and the truth. The truth does sometimes hurt.


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