Is It *Really* Breaking Girl Code To Set Up Your Friend’s Ex?

Is It *Really* Breaking Girl Code To Set Up Your Friend’s Ex?

Now Vicki Gunvalson's a matchmaker, and Kelly Dodd doesn't like it. 

By Marianne Garvey
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After Show: Kelly Dodd Shades Vicki’s Relationship with Steve

The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Kelly Dodd accused Vicki Gunvalson of breaking girl code when she tried to hook up Kelly’s estranged husband Michael Dodd — then failed to tell her about it.

Here’s what went down:

The two had a screaming match at Kelly’s place after Kelly accused Vicki of “hooking up” Michael with one of her other friends. During a chat, Kelly (in her oddly placed headband) asked, “I’m getting all these text messages and everything that you hooked up Michael and you didn't tell me?”

Vicki immediately got defensive, insisting she “didn't hook up Michael,” and explained that she'd had a barbecue four months ago, which he attended. “My friend was there and he was there. And I didn't hook up anybody,” she explained. “They communicated afterwards and I was out. I didn't know where it was going and it was none of my business.”

She believes she didn’t do anything wrong, telling Kelly, “I thought he would tell you. It's his responsibility to tell you. Don't blame me. You take that up with Michael.”

But that’s not all.

Turns out, Vicki and her boyfriend Steve Lodge have since “gone out with them a couple of times” on double dates.

Kelly demands to know why Vicki didn’t tell her, Vicki says she cares so much she was trying to protect her and all of this went down with the two facing each other on a huge white couch that we’re to forced to understand is midcentury modern and not "Miami."

Kelly’s heart is broken, she’s upset over the betrayal, then Vicki tells the camera Kelly is “still in love with Michael.”

So who’s right?

Samantha Daniels, Dating Expert and founder of Samantha’s Table Matchmaking, explains the rules to Personal Space.

“If your friend and her boyfriend or husband break up, there are definitely rules and girl code to follow,” she says. “First and foremost, if this is a good friend of yours, you never want to do anything that will hurt her feelings or make her feel betrayed.”

Strike one for Vicki.

“However, if you were legitimate friends with her ex or if your husband is legit friends with him, things can get a little tricky,” Daniels says. “The best way to avoid issues is to have a conversation with your friend and see how she feels about the situation.”

Strike two.

“If your allegiance is to her, let her know that upfront. However, if the situation is more complicated because your kids are friends with hers or because of the husbands being friends, then you still need to have a conversation with her and figure out how and what works. She probably isn’t going to approve of you setting him up...However, if your friend gets into another relationship and she is happy, then she might not mind if you set her ex up, she actually might want you to do it! The key thing is communication so no one’s feelings get hurt.”

Looks like Kelly’s right on this one. Now she just needs to understand that couch is very Miami.

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