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Gretchen Clears Up the Facts

Gretchen refuses to endure Tamra's switching stories -- so she presents the truth for you to judge.

Just the facts.

First off I want to say sorry for not blogging for a while. Quite frankly it has not been at the top of my list to sit down and once again defend myself against ridiculous accusations from these women. When you know the truth sometimes you don't have say anything at all. However I keep getting asked by many when I was going to write a blog again, so I decided to try tonight. Obviously I have a lot to say based off these last few episodes of watching the show, but I believe the audience is sophisticated and smart and can figure out the truth on their own. So this blog is simply to just state the facts:

1. Fact: The man the women continue to bring up I took to court and won seven counts against. In order to find someone guilty of punitive damages the jury needs to find that person acted with fraud, malice, or intent. Furthermore the claims he tried to bring against me for defaming him, false light, and slander, the jury found in favor of me and not of him.

2. Fact: When you have a jury trial, that means 12 unbiased people who know nothing about him or me sit in court for close to three weeks and hear just the facts and see only the evidence (including the pictures Tamra and Vicki attempted to bring up at the reunion) and they ruled in my favor for seven counts against him. I will speak about four of the counts specifically here because it has to do with what I continue to get questioned about by the woman. (The verdict is public record and you can look up all the counts if you want to know more) One count was for stalking, one was for harassment, one was for conversion (stealing private photos) and one count was for intentional infliction of emotional distress. These were things the woman questioned me about five years ago during the reunion (Tamra: "You said he was a stalker.") and now once again during this reunion; I don't need to defend myself any longer with these accusations because a judgment against his man for these counts speak for themselves. The jury also found in favor of having a restraining order put in place for me.

3. Fact: Tamra continues to prove she is a liar and even herself admits she lied as we see in the preview to Reunion Part 2. She constantly is out preaching to the press how she never lies and is just always honest, yet when I finally confront her about her lies and bring evidence of her own texts to me, she only then admits "yeah I lied to you." The evidence of her texts telling me one thing all the while doing a completely different thing on-camera will prove my point that she is the one that lies -- not me. On top of that, both Tamra and Vicki now claiming "At least we own it" is laughable.  Number 1: you owning it doesn't make it OK. Number 2: they both only "owned it" once they got caught.

4. Fact: The Good news is that almost everything these woman have ever accused Slade and I of doing have come back to bite them in the ass, because the truth continues to come out about their own actions. I’ve noticed Tamra delete her tweets when she gets into trouble. Seems as if when she believes she is going to be held accountable for her lies, she quickly wants to delete them. If there was any truth to what she said why delete the posts?

5. Fact: Tamra says in one breath at the reunion that she still doesn't know all the details of what really happened between me and this man but then five seconds later she is whipping out pictures and seems to think she knows exactly what happened between us. She can't even keep her stories straight. She continues to challenges Lauri's accusations saying "If she didn't see them in bed together then she really doesn't know what happened." But when it comes to me, the same rules don't apply. Funny how that always seems to be the case with them? Always a double standard.

6. Fact: Lauri came to me with the information about Vicki; I didn’t go searching for it. I didn't confront Vicki or attack her or do what she did to me once I knew about it. I allowed Lauri to address it with her in Whistler and it wasn't until Vicki started making accusations towards me on that mountain again that I got into it with her. Truth: If someone accuses you for years about cheating but then you find out they were actually the one cheating and lying to everyone for eight years, wouldn't you have the same type of reaction I did when Lauri told me? Then Vicki finally admitted to it on the mountain and again at the reunion, so of course I have a right to be upset after all the years of tearing me apart.

What is so insane is Vicki attacking Lauri saying "all this has affected her business, she lost work because of it, it has affected her family." Blah, Blah, Blah. Hilarious that only now Vicki realizes what accusations like this can do to someone's life. It was just fine when they were doing it to me and it was affecting every aspect of my life. Neither Vicki nor Tamra have ever shown any concern about how their accusations of both Slade and I have caused damage to our personal lives. They simply don't care.

7. Fact: Tamra keeps saying to stop bringing up the past, and she claims in press she never holds a grudge and just lets things go. Obviously another lie, since she goes right back there during this reunion with me. When I meet with Lauri, I didn't know she was going to tell me about Vicki's extra marital affairs. She asked me about my relationship with Vicki and I explained that it has always been rocky, but especially this last year because I felt she was being very hypocritical referring to the Slade/Brooks situation. The only reason the past got brought back up was because Lauri said Vicki is the most hypocritical person ever because she was having affairs on Donn all the while pointing her finger at me, so of course it's going to spark conversation about the past. Truth: I could care less about what Vicki does, but because she made all these accusations about me for years and I suffered so much heartache and pain from it, of course I am going to be flabbergasted and angry that she was pointing the finger at me. It would have been the same if it was about Vicki or Tamra because they are the ones that came after me so hard with the accusations. It's only human nature to feel that way. So this wasn't about wanting to go back and address the past; talking about it with Lauri was about validation for me.

8. Fact: Two years ago when Alexis was asked about seeing this man and I on a boat together she said she saw us sitting on each other's laps as we all piled in for a group photo and maybe we held hands as I was walking across the boat deck but it wasn't in a relationship kind of way. But now all of sudden this year when we aren't getting along she now thinks it could of gone the other way? Funny how these women change their tune according to how they feel about me in the moment. Why does it seem no one can be consistent with their stories? Maybe because that's what happens when you lie.

9. Fact: When I said during Part 1 of this reunion: "I don’t say anything about the other woman I am not willing to say to their faces" none of the woman even could come back with a legitimate response because I called them out on it, they all had nothing to say back because they know that is how I am. Truth: I don't say things behind people's backs that I am not willing to say to their faces.

10. Fact: The woman tried to claim I can't admit to anything or cop to things when I am wrong, however I clearly said I was wrong for making fun of Vicki's surgery. She then she tried to claim I never apologized for it, then I reminded her that was not true and I did text her I was sorry. She had nothing to say back because she knew I had. I also have admitted on several occasions that clapping when Alexis left the CUT Fitness party was not right and mean. Truth: I have never said I am perfect, in fact I have always said I am far from it, but I will not be accused of failing to take responsibility of things when I am wrong because I have been wrong before and I have owned up to it. Anyone else ever notice how these two woman have selective memory? Vicki is caught lying once again about sending me such a nasty text, calling me c--t, adamantly denying she ever said that or uses words like that. It's almost like they are pathological liars. They lie so much and so frequently they actually believe they don't lie even when caught. . .

11. Fact: Every time the woman say I am making something up I have had evidence to prove differently; case in point: the jury verdict that took me four long years of being in court to prove my innocence of the accusations made of me, the Fox 5 email I brought to prove I wasn't making up that I got offered the job, and now this year with the Malibu Country accusations, I brought a voicemail saved on my phone from my agent regarding the offer, where she clearly states "They want you for Malibu Country." I also had an email from my agent, whom I showed to both Heather and Tamra this season (but that footage was never shown). Not to mention that ironically Alexis became my alibi when she said on the bus that she got called about Malibu Country as well. Truth: I don't make things up because I have no reason to. It does not benefit me in any way.

12. Fact: The woman claim that I tried to manipulate Tamra into un-inviting Alexis from the dress shopping day with the Malibu Country gig. First off, how can you manipulate someone who you think is on the same page as you? Tamra was the one texting me (which I bring that evidence to the reunion in Part 2) that she didn't want Alexis there, she claims she did not invite her, and she was pissed Alexis was coming. Furthermore, I have the same texts from Heather stating that it was ridiculous that Alexis would be coming because Tamra and she weren't friends and Tamra didn't want her there. So I ask the sophisticated and intelligent audience that is watching this show, how in the world am I manipulating her if she had the same sentiments I did? Just doesn't match up, it's called being two-faced. Oh and Tamra it's not a rumor I started -- it's the truth about who you are in life, and who you have shown to be the last six years on this show with anyone you have called "a friend."  You have proven it over and over again almost every year. Maybe you should take your own advice as you are always saying to others. . ."just own up to it."

13. Fact: Tamra told me that she didn't want to un-invite Alexis because she didn't want to be seen as the bully again. Well once again little Miss "I am just always honest and real" wasn't being so real in that scene now was she? I was the only one that was honest enough to say it was weird that Alexis was going because as far as I understood they were not friends. A dress shopping day is an intimate day and one would think you would want close and true friends there. Alexis and Tamra at that point were far from that. Truth: I think it's great if they can get to that point of being good friends, but don't be mad at me because I am the only one who is willing to be real and honest about how strange it seemed at that time, that you have to make up lies about me claiming I got offered a gig.

14. Fact: Just as Lauri brought to everyone's attention this season, it's always about deflection for these women, especially Vicki. Vicki knew it was going to be bad for her because she knew she got caught and finally admitted to cheating on Donn, so they decided to go after me again on a subject that has been laid to rest forever ago in order to deflect the focus off themselves.

15. Fact: I have a track record of being a successful business woman ranking in the top 7 percent internationally for my company as one of the top sales agents before I was even on this show, I bought my own home, my own cars, my own things, and have not been handed anything. I work hard every day for what I have, and my continued focus and success of expanding the Gretchen Christine collections into all categories speak for themselves. Vicki trying to demean me or say anything differently as if she knows anything about my financial status or "business" is mean-spirited, ignorant, and flat out degrading towards the woman empowerment movement of our time. Truth: the only thing Vicki has mentored me about is how not to act in business. I enjoy helping woman of all ages go after their dreams of owning their own companies and achieving success in whatever way they can.

16. Fact: I have the truth on my side and that is why I continue to be Unbreakable, you can make as many accusations as you want about me but it won't alter my integrity or my character. Truth: I am strong, resilient, and confident and most of all happy and you cannot and will not ever rob me of my joy no matter how hard you try.

I could write a few more pages of these "Facts" but you get my point.

Thank you to all those who continue to support and love me despite my faults, or my mistakes. Thank you for being honest with me and telling me when I need to take a look at myself or tell me to keep my head held high when people are trying to tear me down. You all truly inspire me every day, the personal emails, the social media messages all mean so much to me and I enjoy talking with so many of you on a constant basis. I am on this show because of you, the fans. We are all on this journey together, called life and I'm learning every day how to become a better stronger person. Thank you for allowing me to share my life with you for the past five years.

Follow me on Twitter/Facebook (@gretchenrossi) or Instagram (gretchenchristine1) or, of course, on my website We have a lot of new products in! I am so excited about what is to come! So many great and positive things happening and I cannot wait to share it with you guys!

Gretchen Christine

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