#RHOP Etiquette Poll: Are You Team Gizelle or Team Karen?

#RHOP Etiquette Poll: Are You Team Gizelle or Team Karen?

When it comes to etiquette, no one knows better than the #RHOP 'Wives - so who made the faux pas this week? Vote now! 

Show Highlight
People Come for Karen Huger All the Time

If you didn't know where Potomac was before, you sure do now! With one epic etiquette lesson, The Real Housewives of Potomac has arrived. We found ourselves in a delicious loop of "Oh, no she didn't" as we watched the series premiere's manners showdown between Karen Huger and Gizelle Bryant. This battle of civility ended in what is now our new favorite phrase, "People come for me all the time, they just don't find me."

Let's look at that one more time for good measure. 

Meanwhile, Gizelle packed in some solid shade of her own and coined our other new favorite phrase: 

But how did we get here you ask? Well, it all started with Karen's birthday dinner. What should have been a night of celebration, quickly became a night of seating arrangement debacles. 

#RHOP Etiquette Lesson Number One

Note to self: always let Karen Huger sit in the middle. 

But this simply set stage for the ultimate face off at Charrisse Jackson Jordan's crab boil, where Karen decided to teach Gizelle an ettiquette lesson. Let's just say two 'Wives were schooled that day. Drama ensued with reads flying left and right - ending with Gizelle deciding Karen's rules of etiquette were best used as a mirror and Karen's epic "Bye, Felicia" style walk out citing Gizelle's "ignorance." Watch the explosive conclusion below in all it's shady glory and decide for yourself: Whose side of this etiquette rivalry are you on?

Vote now - are you Team Gizelle or Team Karen? It's the polite thing to do. 


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