Gizelle Bryant: Monique Samuels Is All Worked Up About a Bunch of Nothing

Gizelle Bryant: Monique Samuels Is All Worked Up About a Bunch of Nothing

"It's typical that the ONLY thing Monique does is talk about Me, Me and Me."

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*That* Umbrella Moment on RHOP Do you believe the divorce convo was from a long time ago – especially considering your whispered conversation? 

Gizelle BryantListen, if you've been married 20 plus years, I'm sure divorce is an ongoing topic. Like honey pass the salt and oh, by the way, I'm one step closer to packing up ALL my bags. Better yet, honey when you take out the trash please consider never coming back. Now add to that the frustration of the IRS, well that's stress that you can't cut with a jackhammer. If Ray and Karen Huger get a divorce so that Ray can protect her from any financial implication, well that's not called a divorce, that's called SMART. What did you think of new lady Kurn Hugur?

GB: Ashley knows how to have a good time. In planning the reveal of Kurn we were a little nervous that Karen wouldn't receive it well, it could have gone very bad. Happy that it went over like a Dave Chappelle comedy show...HILARIOUS! Tell us about where your relationship was with Sherman and the lack of communication – did you think the article would be such a big deal?

GB: I really hate lack of communication in a relationship because it just causes unnecessary stress and confusion. No matter what goes on in a relationship, whether it's press, rumors or the water cooler. A relationship cannot withstand any of it if there's a lack of communication. Why did you want to have the conversation betweenMonique Samuels and Ashley to have a conversation in front of everyone? In retrospect do you regret that suggestion after what happened?

GB: We were all together when we talked to Monique about her drinking and diving in Nemacolin and it was put to bed. Monique seemed to be in a great place with the conversation and take our advice to drink as much as you want but just DON'T drive. How Monique is bringing up MY name into her conversation with her husband makes NO SENSE because I was NOT INVOLVED in the drinking and driving nonsense. However, it's typical that the ONLY thing Monique does is talk about Me, Me and Me. Tell us about the clash outside – What are your thoughts on Monique and on Ashley’s side of this argument and that umbrella moment? How didRobyn Dixon get involved?

GB: Again, Monique is all worked up about a bunch of nothing. Whatever happen to making the bad judgment of drinking and driving and when you walk away unharmed you just say THANK YOU JESUS. Two drinks, four drinks, 17 drinks, who cares? Just put your hands in the air and say thank you Jesus. The End!

Get a sneak peek at Gizelle's emotional moment in next week's episode now: 

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