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Week 5 Workout

Get fit while you watch with this workout from Karena and Katrina!

By Karena Dawn & Katrina Hodgson


Lifts the booty, tones the thighs, and boosts your metabolism!

Round 1 - Alternating Forward Lunges

Stand at the back of your mat and step forward into a lunge. Keep your front knee in line with your toe, and your back knee bent at 90º, directly below your hips. Press into your front heel to stand back up and repeat, alternating legs.

Round 2 - Alternating Reverse Lunges

Perform the same move, but lunge back behind you, alternating sides!

Round 3 - Front/Back Lunges

From the middle of your mat, step into a forward lunge, then on the same leg step back into a reverse lunge. Keep your abs tight for balance!

Tones the chest, backs of the arms, and tightens the core!
Round 1 - Spiderwoman Pushup

In plank position on your hands, step your right knee up to your right elbow as your reach your right arm to the side and perform a pushup. Push back and repeat for the opposite side.

Round 2 - Tricep Pushup

Perform a pushup keeping your elbows tucked in to your body and kiss them to your waistline on the way down.

Round 3 - Tricep Pushup with a Kickback!

Perform a pushup as you kick your left leg back and up to lift the booty! Push back up as you lower your knee back to the mat!Squats!

The best metabolism boosting move for total body toning!

Round 1 - Side Kick!

Squat down keeping your knees in line with your toes, getting your booty back and down as far as possible! The closer your thighs get to being parallel with the ground the better. Keep your chest up and shoulders back. Press through your heels to stand back up, pressing forward into your hips. As you stand, perform a hip abduction lifting your right leg out to the side.

Round 2 - Front Kick!

After each squat, perform a high-knee kick in front of you, working the abs and building balance!

Round 3 - Cross Crunch!

At the top of your squat, lift your knee up to meet your opposite elbow as you twist your torso in towards your leg!

Our favorite core move to sculpt the entire waistline!

Round 1 - Booty Lift!

Perform a plank on your forearms. Focus on keeping a neutral spine, your pelvis forward and abs tight as you hold yourself straight! This round, alternate leg lifts to tighten and lift the booty! The slower you move, the more it’ll work!

Round 2 - Hip Twists!

Rotate your hips side-to-side, tapping your hips to the right and left sides of the mat. Remember, perform this move slowly!

Round 3 - Side Openers

In plank, on your hands, rotate your entire body to the side opening your chest to the wall. Lift your free arm straight above you, creating a ‘Tee’! Alternate sides, and keep your booty down during the transition!

Punch & Crunch!

This team favorite cardio move gets your heart pumpin’ & metabolism cranking!
Stand in the middle of your mat, place one foot out in front of the other in an athletic stance, and bring your hands up in front of your face for protection! Begin by punching your left hand forward, rotating as you pull your left hand back in to protect your face, and punch your right arm forward. Rotate back, pivoting on your back leg as you punch your left hand forward, and once again pull your hands back in front of your face pulling your front knee up to your torso, working the abs!

Watch the workout now:

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