Where Would Top Chef's Season 15 Finalists Go for Their Last Meal on Earth?

Where Would Top Chef's Season 15 Finalists Go for Their Last Meal on Earth?

Adrienne Cheatham, Joe Flamm, and Joe Sasto dish on the world's most amazing food.

By Alesandra Dubin
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Top Chef is on fire amid its snow-capped Aspen, Colorado setting, with only three cheftestants remaining as Season 15 finalists: Adrienne Cheatham, Joe Flamm, and Joe Sasto. Who will Padma Lakshmi crown Top Chef

Meanwhile, with the competition so fierce and elimination imminent for two of the final three, now seems like an appropriate time to present what the chefs told The Feast about where they'd go for their final meal on earth. (Of course, elimination isn't actually the end of the world... but it can sure feel like it.)

In addition to their first name, the Joes share this in common: Both would travel to Italy for their last meal on earth. Sasto named Italy as a whole: "I could eat pasta for three meals a day for a week straight and still not have even made a dent."

Flamm specified Rome, where he'd "eat all the carbonara, drink all the wine." 

For Adrienne's part, she'd pick a far-flung destination for her last meal on earth. Where to? "Macau," she said.

And we're not even mad at that — since the over-the-top Chinese destination for gambling makes Las Vegas look like small potatoes for scale. Might as well go out with a bang!

And if, like Adrienne, Macau is on your bucket list, make sure to try the Portuguese egg tart when you go. It's Macau's most famous food, with a pastry shell, sweet egg custard filling, and a caramelized top.

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