15 Pets Posing With Santa Claus Because Christmas

15 Pets Posing With Santa Claus Because Christmas

Just what are they thinking as they sit there?

By Brienne Walsh

Here comes Santa Claus … and we get it, your kids are scared out of their minds. Photographs of children crying in the laps of Santas are as ubiquitous as Mariah Carey this time of year. But what about pictures of pets with Santa Claus?

They, too, are making the rounds across the Internet. Because doesn’t a fur baby deserve to have all of his wishes granted, just like a hairless one does?

Since animals can’t talk — or can they? — we’ve decided to guess what these animals are thinking while they sit in the lap of a stranger wearing a furry red suit and an enormous fake beard.

“Am I being a good girl?”

“One wrong move and Santa’s gonna lose a finger.”

“Say goodbye to your mattress when we get home.”

“Seriously? I’m purebred.”

“Smells like … pizza?”

“I already know I’m cuter.”

“Over it.”

“Do not even think about saying our hair color matches.”

“I’m sorry for eating your slipper, I promise, I’ll never do it again, just don’t leave me here!”

“I don’t know what’s around my neck, but as soon as I get my treat, I will destroy it.”

“You could go to sleep when we get home, but I wouldn’t recommend it.”

“Santa? What Santa? Look at how handsome I am.”

“Santa? What Santa? Look at how handsome I am.”

“I am an old man at heart.”


“Love me!”


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