Who Doesn't Love Adorably Uncommon Pet Siblings? (We Sure Do!)

Who Doesn't Love Adorably Uncommon Pet Siblings? (We Sure Do!)

These animals go together like peanut butter and jelly ... or pit bull and guinea pigs.

By Heather Dale

Are we ever grateful for social media and the fact that it helps us keep tabs on all our favorite pets. You know, like the ones that inspire us to take a step outside of our beauty routine comfort zone with some wacky and wild new hairstyles?? But have you had the chance to explore the world of fur kids who have some pretty unique sisters or brothers? Their sweetness and love for another another — don't even get me started on the cuteness factor — will make your heart explode. Because they are living proof that love is love, regardless of what kind of animal you are!

Moki, Frida and Pandora

San Francisco residents Moki (a rescued Pitbull) and Frida and Pandora (two guinea pigs) are BFF siblings who spend their days cuddling, playing and grooming one another. Looks like there’s no sibling rivalry in this family!

Pumpkin, Toffee and Oreo

A teeny one-month-old orphaned raccoon was found in Rosie Kemp’s backyard. She named the raccoon Pumpkin and got her back up in tip top shape health wise. Fast forward to three years later, she is now thriving and living her best life with her mommy, daddy and their two rescue dogs, Toffee and Oreo, in the beautiful Bahamas!

Henry and Baloo

Rescue dog Henry and rescue Siamese kitty mix Baloo are the ultimate fur baby goals. Their mommy Cynthia Bennett says they were instantly smitten with one another and can often be found in the great outdoors taking epic adventures together. That and playing and snuggling too, obviously.

All we need is each other + a little cabin in the woods 🏚🌲

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 Juniper and Moose

Moose, a seven-year-old rescued Australian Shepherd mix shares his home with Juniper, a feisty, fun, and sometimes moody domesticated red fox. As cute and ridiculously adorable as they are with one another, Juniper’s mom warns that it took major adjustments to her lifestyle to welcome a wild animal in her home. Ahem, they smell, really really bad, require a raw meat diet with bones and taurine supplementation, and ample outdoor time. Yes, I’m taking notes!

Beatrix and Midge

What do you get when you put a Bernese Mountain dog and a black and white cat together in a house? You get the most paw-some matchy matchy duo, Beatrix and Midge! When not playing their hilarious game of “ON Button," these two like wrestling and playing hide and seek together. Not one injury has been reported to date!

Jade and Kolbie

Frenchies and piggies unite! This East Tennessee farm is full of pet pigs and French Bulldogs that we can hardly keep up with all their names. They eat together, sleep together, play together, and are just the sweetest bunch.

Hema and her foster kitty

Hema the Pitbull’s mom is an avid animal lover who takes in lots of foster kitties. Luckily for her, Hema always warmly welcomes them into their home by providing lots of playtime, personal space and cuddles.

Hema wants to keep her kitten. #pittie #petsofinstagram #DClovesDCanimals

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Lilo, Infinity and Rosie

Rescue kitty Rosie didn’t take very long at all to warm up to her new Husky siblings, Lilo and Infinity. She’s been apart of the pack since day one ... no family outings are off-limits for this crew! 


Bubu and Bobo

Bubu the white-haired Chinchilla can often be found in the cutest poses alongside her furry siblings, Bobo the miniature Chinchilla and sometimes even Bella the Persian cat.

Tilly, Pippin, Alfie and Frankie

Umm, some serious squad goals coming from this fun full house which includes a baby (Esme), two pigs (Olive and Pippin), an English Bulldog (Tilly), a Boston Terrier (Alfie), and Frankie and Lola the French Bulldogs. Enter their Instagram page at your own risk. You’ve been warned about all of the adorableness!

Main image credit: Instagram/@piggiesandapitty

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