Dog Makeup Tutorials Are the Instagram Trend We All Desperately Needed

Dog Makeup Tutorials Are the Instagram Trend We All Desperately Needed

Should you watch that dog video? Or that makeup tutorial? Now you no longer have to choose!

By Kristyn Pomranz

[INFOMERCIAL VOICE] Are you tired of having to watch two different types of videos every day? Do you find it annoying that you have to go to one place to watch hilarious dog videos, and a whole other place to watch makeup tutorials? Don’t you wish there were a magical one-stop-shop that delivered both cute doggos and brow how-tos in one? Such an ideal type of content has never existed … UNTIL NOW!

Dog makeup tutorials are the hot new trend to hit social media, and we are loving how much they’re streamlining our lives. Not only do they deliver both canines and contouring in one fell swoop, they’re also teaching messages of self-love and positivity. (Example: Adventures of Pippa & Clark shared a tutorial with the caption, “Pippa wanted to remind you to be yourself because no one can do it as good as you can!”)

As an added bonus, watching an adorable pupper be groomed with a fluffy makeup brush is oddly mesmerizing and deeply relaxing!

Now not all pups are into the upscale grooming, But even those who don’t find it soothing are still well worth a watch, as the videos typically turn into hilarious inadvertent chew toy films:

Now, we’re not entirely sure where this trend came from or why it exists, but who cares? We’re not here to question the advent of pure genius! That said, we remember very well a certain feline Instagram star named @AuroraPurr who was into having her coat makeup-brushed nearly eighteen months ago:

From @aurorapurr: "Nothing compares to royal pampering 👑" #catsofinstagram

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Could this amazing dog trend have started, in fact, with a cat?! We can’t be sure. But no matter the origin species, we are beyond thankful that pet makeup tutorials have come into our lives. PLEASE NOTE: None of these dogs are actually having makeup applied. It’s all pretend!

Below are some of our favorites:

Indy’s morning makeup tutorial💄💋 flawless✨

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He likes to be pampered! #dexterthedog #dogmakeup

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