Medical Marijuana Could Be Good For Pets, Too

Medical Marijuana Could Be Good For Pets, Too

... but be sure to consult a vet before you even think about trying it.

By Brienne Walsh

Have you ever been chillin’ out on a Friday night, waiting for your Mexican food to arrive, and thought, “Man, I bet my dog would love to get stoned with me before our burrito arrives.”

Stop yourself right there. Your dog does not want to get stoned. Animals metabolize THC much slower than humans, and can ingest fatal dosages of the substance, especially in edibles.

There is, however, new evidence that suggests that pets might benefit from non-psychoactive CBD oil, which is substance derived from marijuana that does not make you high. Instead, it has been proven to treat a variety of diseases in humans, including epilepsy and arthritis.

According to an ongoing study conducted by researchers at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, in which participants are asked to volunteer information about the effects of medical marijuana on their pets, CBD oil also benefits animals. The results find that it can reduce anxiety, pain, and seizure disorders in our four-legged friends. It can also reduce aggression, and offer long-term therapeutic benefits.

It’s tempting to see CBD oil as a natural cure all for all kinds of behavioral and health problems in both humans and animals. The problem is that there still isn’t enough information about what dosages are safe. If there's any one takeaway here, whatever you do, do not try to get your dog high! You know that friend you have who always freaks out whenever she tries the sticky icky? Like thinks she is going to die and wants to call an ambulance? That friend is your pet! Your pet does not want to feel like that! He wants a treat and to go to bed! If you’re even considering dosing a dog with CBD, make sure to consult a veterinarian first.

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