The Heartbreaking Thing Famed Pet Psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick Told Me

The Heartbreaking Thing Famed Pet Psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick Told Me

A pet psychic reading was incredibly surprising and cool ... even to this self-proclaimed skeptic.

By Morgan Ashley Parker

Hi, my name’s Morgan and I’m a realist. That’s not to say that I’m anti-Tarot cards, horoscopes and the like, it’s just that I’m not sure how much stock I put into what’s said … and if I’d let it change my life.

That all changed when I recently had the chance to sit down for a psychic reading with animal communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick at an event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Rachael Ray’s pet food, Nutrish. I remembered Sonya from TV when she "read" celebrity pets so, natch, sign me right up. And, while no tears were shed (like when The Real Housewives of DallasD’Andra Simmons visited a pet psychic), there were still several “revelations” that made me stop and pause.

Now before those people who are even more skeptical than I am start asking, my dog Beau’s Instagram, while IMO totally adorable, is not often updated and is really only followed by dogs and people we know. My Facebook account name is not my legal name and none of the things she mentioned would have been obvious even if she did see my name ahead of time as an event attendee and spend time looking that up.

Let's get to the good stuff: Our reading started out with her telling me how happy Beau is and how much he loves me as she took him into her arms. This could also be immediately discerned by the fact that he both wanted to lick her face but also to get back to my lap instead of sitting calmly on hers. And would anyone tell me “hey your dog is miserable and hates you” anyway?! I sure hope not.

She then said “oh he loves it when you work from home and he wishes you would do that all the time.” (SAME. But this also seems obvious and makes total sense because a dog wouldn’t realize that me being home all the time would not allow us to have a home at all.) Still, I had worked from home that day, something I’ve done just one time over the past five months but I’m OK considering that an eeriely timing coincidence.

Sonya also shared that Beau senses I am often in a rush and he doesn’t know why I am in a rush. (Again, it’s New York City, who isn’t in a rush.) He also doesn’t understand why he can’t go everywhere with me and he told her to tell me that he said he’ll be good. (This must explain why he always also follows me into the bathroom.) Again, I do think if my dog could talk, he’d definitely say that and, most of the time when he goes places, he is very good.

But then things started to get a bit more peculiar ...

Sonya then said how much he loves his red coat because it’s warm and he knows he looks good in it. This could be a coincidence, but of all his clothing that he has, the red coat gets so many compliments that I’ve actually had several people stop me on the street to ask where I bought it. She also mentioned that he likes the blue coat and I had literally just purchased him a blue coat that he’s only ever modeled inside my apartment so far. It had been mild in NYC so he hadn’t even worn any coat in a while but it made me wonder — is he cold normally? Is he trying to tell me he wants to wear coats more often?!

She also revealed that Beau loves it when he gets chicken — and asked me when he gets chicken. If I order Thai delivery, I will carefully rinse off some chicken breast and give him a little bit and I only do that when we’re alone (secret’s out now) so that’s a bit strange.

She added that he loves getting treats from the refrigerator and I immediately 'fess up to his obsession with baby carrots. She said OK but added that this is something cold, and that he gets something cold from there that he really loves.

Duh. His no.1 favorite thing on earth is ice. Anyone that comes to my apartment knows it if they dare step near the fridge, but it’s not something I really talk about, nor is there anything on his Instagram page that even mentions it. I’ve had other dogs and none of them really cared about ice cubes so I also have to imagine it’s a little more rare than a dog who loves chicken. 

Then she asked me if I was moving and said my dog is concerned about me moving and wants to know if he will come with me. Now I’m always (half)joking about moving — LA, Rio, Sydney, anywhere in Europe where wine and carbs are a way of life, so it’s not untrue that maybe he senses that. She insists that this is causing him concern when I leave each day and I mean, COME ON, who wouldn’t nearly tear up at that. I quickly ask her to reassure him that I would never ever EVER move without him (as my heart breaks a little).

She then made a few comments on my past relationship — which I’ll keep out of this very public post — but, let’s just say, nothing seemed out of left field and again, there's no way for her to know this stuff or assume it about me. All in all, I do think some of the things that were said were a little too specific to be pure coincidence, even to this skeptic, so excuse me while I go reassure my dog for the fifth time today that I’m only going downstairs, and not leaving him for good.

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