We Heart Celebs Who Open Their Hearts and Homes to Animals With Special Needs

We Heart Celebs Who Open Their Hearts and Homes to Animals With Special Needs

As if you needed more reasons to love these six celebrities, we've got the furry receipts.

By Heather Dale

They may be best known for their acting, singing, comedic or modeling skills, but the following celebrities are so much more than Hollywood A-listers. We obviously already have total admiration for celebs who choose to adopt rather than shopespecially those who don’t ignore senior dogs at the shelter, but the following famous faces took it a step further and were able to look past chronic health issues, physical deformities and disabilities, and lovingly welcome a special needs animal into their family. Bet you didn’t know George Clooney was going to be on this list!

1. Selma Blair

Just last Fall, Selma adopted a Pit Bull named Cappuccino (Cappy for short) after losing her first dog, a Chihuahua-pug mix named Ducky. And then less than three months later, she adopted again… her latest addition is a one-eyed Chihuahua mix named Buster. This isn’t Selma’s first one eyed pooch. Years ago she had a one eyed Chihuahua named Winky. We love her love for one eyed dogs and Chihuahuas!

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2. Chrissy Teigen

Is there a dog post Chrissy Teigen isn’t a part of?! In case you’ve been MIA from technology for awhile, let me bring you up to speed. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are the proud parents of adorable doggies Pippa (French Bulldog), Puddy (Bulldog), Penny (French Bulldog) and new(ish) Bulldog Pepper. They have an almost two year old daughter named Luna (we were secretly hoping for a name starting with a P) and baby brother Legend who is going to make his debut soon. Penny, who only has three legs, was adopted by the Teigen/Legend fam back in 2014. According to Chrissy’s Instagram profile, missing a leg hasn’t slowed her down one bit! #worldtraveler #thepamperedpetlife

3. Jessica Chastain

Just like Chrissy, Jessica is also a fur mom to a three legged pup. Chaplin (who was named after his namesake Charlie Chaplin), lost his leg after being hit by a car and was discovered by Jessica through a rescue organization. Chaplin is now living the life traveling with Jessica around the country and sharing a home in Santa Monica with two other rescue dogs, Radley, a corgi-spaniel cross, and Roman, a Chihuahua mix.

4. George Clooney

Before the arrival of the twins, George and Amal’s house had literally gone to the dogs with not one, but three rescued fur kids. Cocker Spaniels Louie and Einstein, adopted from Camper Cocker Rescue, got a new sister in 2016, a four-year-old Basset Hound named Millie. Sadly in September, the party of three dogs was reduced to two when Einstein passed away. But did you know that George also adopted another dog in 2016 from LuvFurMutts? An animal rescue group in Ohio? Well it wasn’t exactly for him, but he did pick up the Terrier, named Nate, for his mom Nina and dad Nick, who had just lost their Terrier of ten years. Although he was born with some birth defects, a barrel chest and a leg that sways, George instantly fell in love, and knew his parents would too. When he asked his father if he would be ok with the way Nate walked, Nick said, “I guess it sounds like he gets around just as good as we do anymore.” And just like that, he’s been living his happily ever after with Mr. and Mrs. Clooney ever since!

5. Mayim Bialik

Blossom alum and now Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik should have joined the ranks with other cat-obsessed celebs since adopting Addie last June from Shelter Chic and bringing her cat count up to two, hey that’s still a lot! Born without a pectoral muscle, Addie was in a cast (shown here) when Mayim rescued her. According to Mayim’s Instagram feed, she’s doing much better now.

6. Maria Menounos

An avid animal lover and rescue advocate, Maria Menounos is currently the mama of two Bichon Frise rescue pups (after the recent passing of Baby) as well as a rescued German Shepherd. Here Maria is shown with Benjamin (aka Piggers), her seventeen year old (!!), who has various health issues and trouble walking, therefore needs to be transported in a carrier like this. Maria is an expert when it comes to carrying her dogs, her late Bichon Frise Noel was a quadriplegic so Maria would make sure she was safe in a sling. Such a good pet mama she is!

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