You Can Now Grab a Box of Tissues and Watch The Road To Yulin and Beyond

You Can Now Grab a Box of Tissues and Watch The Road To Yulin and Beyond

The documentary, which is about the Chinese dog meat trade, stars Lisa Vanderpump.

By Brienne Walsh
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Lisa Vanderpump Talks About Her Staunch Opposition to Yulin Festival

In the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we observed Lisa Vanderpump’s nearest and dearest watch The Road to Yulin and Beyond, a documentary about the Chinese dog meat trade that she stars in with Ken Todd and Dr. John Sessa, the executive director of the Vanderpump Dog Foundation. It looked like nearly everyone in the audience was moved to tears — and we saw more than a few people try to cover their eyes despite being warned against it by Lisa herself, who insisted that one must endure the horrors the documentary reveals.

Now, even those of us who don’t pack four Louis Vuitton trunks for a five-day trip to Germany can watch the documentary — in a tweet this morning, Lisa revealed that the film is available for streaming on Amazon Prime. If the preview she posted is any indication, we recommend that you watch it with someone who can hold you while you cry uncontrollably over the suffering endured by innocent helpless creatures. Even the 45-second preview is that upsetting.

The aim of the documentary is to bring awareness to the dog meat trade, and in doing so, put pressure on the Chinese Government to stop it. In the preview, Lisa urges viewers to contact their Congress people to encourage them to sign a resolution to stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Even if you can’t watch the documentary without shielding your eyes, you can, at the very least, help the poor dogs by picking up the phone, which requires almost no effort.

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